Christmas 2016

We Wish You Happy Holidays!

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Which one is the right one for me?

Have you ever found yourself staring at a new mattress or futon and wondering which one is the right one for you? This month we take a brief look at the history of mattresses and how that might affect what you actually need; of course what you want is always a different story

Since The Beginning
Humans have always sought after a means to make their sleeping more comfortable and safe. During the late Paleolithic Period our early ancestors  often referred to semi-accurately as the caveman – were already sleeping on grasses and leaves. Fast forward a bit and humans in most of the world had started incorporating some sort of pad or mat in their sleeping routine. It was during the time of the Egyptians that King Tut introduces a bed base made from ebony and gold. While most people would not have the opportunity to have such a lavish bed base it taught us the benefits of being off the ground away from the dirt and critters. After the Egyptians sleeping innovations did not see another major change until the Persians. Persian elites would invent what is considered the first water mattress using goat skins filled with water. It would not be until the 18th century that mattresses we are familiar with would come into existence. First was the invention of ornate wood, rod iron, or brass bed frames. Later J.P. Leggett would introduce the steel coil mattress with limited popularity in 1885 and coil and spring mattress innovation would follow. By 1930 latex mattresses would start hitting the market and as they say the rest is history.

Today: Which One Is The Right One?
Now days our sleep technology faces innovation after innovation and well some so called advancements gain traction and stay in the bedding industry many actually get replaced with the next best thing every year and are forgotten to time. The straight forward honest answer about which bed is right for you is actually pretty simple:

  1. Only you truly know which bed (mattress, futon, hammock, etc.) is right for you because your body is unique.
  2. You have to be willing to give up some marketing brainwashing you have picked up over the years.

The human body is a miraculous thing and believe it or not culture, age, weight, health conditions, and even hormones play a major role in what our bodies find to be comfortable and sleep inducing. One industry secret (trick) though is softness. Have you ever visited a relative or stayed at a nice hotel and instantly fell in love with the bed you slept on? I would bet that nine times out of ten that bed had a down, latex, foam, or gel topper that felt soft and/or enveloping. Bed manufactures are taking advantage of some very important knowledge:

FACT: The human body, based on factors mentioned above, can take three weeks to three months to adjust to a new sleeping surface.

That beautiful mattress you slept on for vacation or a business trip was probably taking advantage of the fact that your body will react positively to a soft cushion even if over time your body would normally reject that mattress. Combine this trick with cleaver marketing and a high price tag and many people today will sleep on just about anything and convince themselves that they made the correct decision.

The Answer
Remember our ancestors. Advancements in sleep technology is by no means a bad thing but sometimes we need to ask ourselves if we really need the latest and greatest thing marketing teams are pushing at us. Although its beyond the scope of this post here are two common myths for example:

  • Talalay latex is better than Dunlop latex.
  • Mattresses are always better than futons for your long term sleeping solution.

Well there can be some truth in these claims depending on quality and honesty of the manufacture, Bio Sleep Concept is here to provide people with truly authentic bedding products that are designed to offer every unique individual the sleeping solution they need. We do not waste our time or money on clever marketing schemes or attempt to pass off sub-standard materials as the latest innovation you need. The answer really is that only you truly know which bed is right for you. Well most people prefer the feel of a mattress for example that does not mean a quality futon will not offer you the same benefits and vica-versa.

If you ever need help narrowing down which bedding product is right for you please reach out to me on our contact page and I will do all I can to help you find the solution best for you:

Post Script
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Labor Day 2016

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To celebrate the launch of our new website we would like to offer you a special Labor Day week long discount. Use the following code on checkout to receive 10% off your entire order:


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