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  • Donald S
    Donald S

    Having this topper has made a world of difference on our bed. It has to be fluffed and turned. It is worth t.

  • Christina G
    Christina G

    Outstanding comfort added to our stiff futon couch. Best temperature regulating material. Soft to the touch.

  • Carolina T
    Carolina T

    You won't know the comfort until you try it. My highest recommendation.

  • John R
    John R

    Comfortable, less arthritic pain and keeps me cooler in Tucson's hot nights.

  • Cindy S
    Cindy S

    Wonderful mattress best I ever had

  • Ben M
    Ben M

    lovely. Highly recommend this topper to anyone looking to spice up their mattress in a big way.

  • Martin F
    Martin F

    I sleep like a baby. We have a mattress that is hand made, but too firm and this topper is simply perfect.

  • Heidi L
    Heidi L

    Everything about this I like. Good size, does not move, feels pure without chemicals.

  • Ellen Y
    Ellen Y

    Bought a new mattress and it turns out I selected one that was WAY too firm. I woke up in the morning feeling sore. This topper was quite an investment, but was worth it. My firm bed now feels supportive, but comfortable. I aired it out for one day before putting it on the bed, I didn't notice any wool smells.

  • Nicole P
    Nicole P

    Heavenly. I usually sleep 6-7 hours without an alarm, but the first night I slept on this I slept FIFTEEN hours. Haven't had it long, so I don't know if it compresses/mats down like a cotton futon, but so far I love it. Seriously, my only complaint is that it's way more depressing to get out of bed in the morning.