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Raw Materials

Bio Sleep Concept's handmade manufacturing process starts with the most crucial step: Gathering pure high quality raw materials for the manufacturing process. Pictured here are Natural Felt wool rolls and freshly milled cotton ready to be processed. We also use premium Eco Valley Wool in our products as well.

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  • factory-tourimage1


Using restored turn of the century machinery our high quality raw materials begin their transformation into completed bedding artilces and accessories ranging from pillows and toppers to mattress cores and covers. Pictured here is our turn of the century milling machines in action as well as some previously prepared covers.

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Assembly and Shipping

Completing the production process is a hands on task. Depending on the product our skilled workers will hand tuft, stuff, shape, and package products. It is throughout this stage that products are continually quality checked to insure our high standards of perfection. Pictured here is various parts of the assembly process including a look at part of the shipping department stocked with orders that are ready to ship out.

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