We began with a simple dream
To create environmentally friendly mattresses that were both healthy and comfortable.

It started in 1981, when we set out to craft high-quality mattresses for our customers with natural and renewable materials. We wanted to bring you a green mattress – natural, organic, and non-toxic – made from renewable natural resources harvested in a sustainable manner. We take full responsibility for each product we manufacture, and do our best to ensure that we serve you – the customer, optimally, without harming the environment.

The Mantra
Save the Environment

Our products are handcrafted from natural and organic materials without the use of any toxic chemicals such as pesticides or flame retardants. Do you care for the planet? So do we! Together, we can be responsible citizens of the earth.

Through composting and recycling, we have reduced our waste stream and always make a conscious effort to only manufacture and sell organic and sustainable products. All our products are safe, natural, and responsible, designed and manufactured to be healthy and eco-friendly.

We Offer You Handcrafted Luxury of Unparalleled Quality

Unless stated otherwise, all of our products are carefully and responsibly handcrafted. While machines are used to assist in the manufacturing process, the lion’s share of work in creating our high-quality and comfortable mattresses is done by human hands. Some of our certifications of quality include the LGA Quality Certification, the eco-INSTITUT-Label, the New Zealand Asthma Foundation Certification, the OEKO-TEX® Certification, and the CertiPUR-US® Certification.

  • Experience the sound and restful sleep offered by BioSleep Concept.
  • Create the optimal sleeping environment for yourself & your family.
  • play a role in saving the environment.
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Buy organic. Sleep better.

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