Bio Sleep Concept creates high-quality, organic, handcrafted mattresses, pillows, comforters, and other bedding products. All the materials used to manufacture Bio Sleep Concept products are 100 percent organic, eco-friendly, and sustainable.

We started with a simple dream: to create mattresses that were comfortable and sustainable!

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Greenguard Gold certified products are scientifically proven to meet and even exceed some of the most rigorous chemical emissions standards in the world. They help reduce the risk of chemical exposure and the levels of indoor air pollution.

Our Bio Sleep Concept mattresses, toppers and futons are Greenguard Gold certified which means they can help with the creation of healthier and less polluted indoor environments.

Some of our other certifications include Certipur-US®, Eco, and Oeko-Tex that ensure our beddings being low-emission, free of all harmful substances and of long-lasting quality.

Handmade in the USA

All Bio Sleep Concept bedding products are handmade in our Oregon and California factories with the highest quality of raw materials. Eco Valley Wool, freshly milled cotton and natural Felt Wool are some of the raw materials that are used to manufacture mattresses, futons, toppers, and many more bedding items.

After the machinery production process, our skilled and experienced workers hand tuft, stuff, and shape products before packaging them for the market. Our products are continually quality checked at each point of the manufacturing and the shipping process to ensure that the customer receives a high standard product.


All the materials used to make our products are natural, biodegradable, and harvested in a sustainable manner. We always try our best to work with renewable resources and eco-conscious materials. At Bio Sleep Concept, we follow our mission to help save the environment through sustainable and eco-friendly business practices and to reduce carbon footprint on our planet.


Do you need a special sized bed for your RV or boat?
Do you need a specific type of organic mattress with a certain level of firmness or support for medical purposes?

All our products can be customized and modified in accordance with your particular needs and preferences. Whatever you need, we're here to deliver.

Healthy and
Comfortable Sleep

Our organic mattresses offer unsurpassed comfort and great durability, along with the opportunity to have sound and restful sleep every single night. Bio Sleep Concept bedding products, made from sustainable and toxin-free raw materials, will help you create a comfortable and healthy sleeping environment. Ensure safe, healthy, and restful sleep for yourself and your loved ones with our organic mattresses and other bedding products.

Hypoallergenic and
Chemical Free

We use no harmful chemicals such as pesticides, toxins, carcinogen, chemically produced synthetics and flame retardants in our manufacturing process. Sleeping on a typical foam mattress filled with VOCs and caustic chemicals can cause respiratory issues and allergies.

Our Bio Sleep Concept mattresses and bedding products are made of only pure and natural materials, such as Eco Wool, freshly milled cotton, feather and down. All our products are extremely healthy and will never cause any allergies or health problems.


Tired of spending money on a new mattress or futon every few years? We offer re-layering of old mattresses and futons that we sell, thus extending the lifespan of those products. Re-layering old futons can make them seem good as new, extending their durability and your comfort.

20 year warranty

Bio Sleep Concept offers customers a 20 year manufacturer warranty on its mattresses. For 20 years after you purchased your Bio Sleep Concept mattress, we will repair or replace your mattress with a completely new one, if there are any defects in materials or workmanship. Bio Sleep also offers a 10 year manufacturer warranty for latex mattress toppers, and 5 year warranty for all futons.

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