Trouble Sleeping? Here’s How to Fall Asleep within Minutes

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Do you fall asleep within 15 to 20 minutes of lying down? If not, you may be facing an unhealthy sleep habit. Several factors, such as your diet chart, bedroom light, an ordinary or organic mattress, etc., can influence your sleeping habits.

About 1 out of 3 adults in the US suffers from sleep deprivation every day. So, you are not alone to face a sleep disorder. A deficiency of adequate sleep regularly can lead to mental and physical health issues. Therefore, focusing on your sleep habits and improving them is very essential for a healthy body and lifestyle.

Why Do You Face Trouble Falling Asleep?

Several factors prevent you from getting enough sleep each day.

  • An Uncomfortable Bed: When your bed fails to provide ultimate comfort, it keeps you tossing and turning the whole night. Also, a stiff or extra-soft mattress can cause stress on your pressure points and pain in your muscles.
  • Too Much Stress: Stress and anxiety are very common issues in today’s lifestyle. Excessive stress can cause you to have disturbing or vivid dreams that can make you wake up in the middle of your sleep.
  • Poor Health Condition: People suffering from health problems may lack quality sleep. A poor health condition can cause irritation, soreness, aches, pain, and other discomforts to the body. These factors prevent one from having a peaceful sleep.
  • Medications: To treat a particular health issue, one needs to undergo a course of medication. Sometimes, the medicines contain a strong dose of drugs that can restrain one’s sleep cycle.

How to Fall Asleep within Minutes?

Falling asleep within a few minutes after lying down can be possible if you follow the following tips.

1. Investing in a Supportive Mattress

After a long, stressful day, you truly deserve a comfortable sleeping surface to snuggle in. Our high-quality organic mattress offers ideal firmness that comforts your body during sleep. Also, a mattress made with natural materials supports your spinal alignment by distributing your body weight. It does not create unnecessary tension on your neck and shoulders.

Unlike a synthetic mattress, it has hypoallergenic properties that give you relief from allergic reactions at night. It does not emit harmful chemical retardants and creates a cozy sleeping base for you.

2. Avoiding Addictive Gadgets

Most people, especially youths, have bad habits of surfing the web late at night. According to studies, using a mobile phone for at least 30 minutes after hitting the bed with bedroom lights turned off signifies poor sleep quality. Keeping mobile phones near the pillow while sleeping also shows a sign of sleep disturbance.

If you are struggling with falling asleep, you should put all the addictive gadgets or electronics aside from your bed. Try to avoid playing video games, watching, or reading anything on your phone or laptop screen after going to bed. Instead, you can read a book that influences you with positive vibes.

3. Avoiding Caffeine, Alcohol at Night

Foods and beverages that contain caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol interfere with your sleep pattern. Consuming alcohol in the evening can trigger acid reflux in the body, and make you suffer from sleep deprivation. Caffeine products can block sleep-promoting receptors in your brain and make you keep alert and awake at night. Therefore, if you are trying to improve your sleep latency, try to avoid such food and drinks at least 6 hours before bedtime.

4. Meditation

Practicing meditation is a fruitful way to achieve falling asleep faster. Mindfulness meditation helps you relax your brain muscles and calm your mind. It is an effective way to reduce stress in your daily life and improve sleep quality. With some meditation techniques, you can let go of negative emotions and prepare your mind and body for healthy sleep.

5. Listening to Peaceful Music

Music has the power to influence your mood and mind. A soulful track can help you feel relaxed and aid in sleep. You may have noticed that parents sing lullabies to make babies fall asleep. The sweet melody of lullabies adds a sense of calmness and security to the babies while sleeping. Similarly, in the case of adults, soothing music decreases the time they take to drift off.

6. Installing Dim Bedroom Light

Light intensity has a great effect on melatonin production in the human brain. Your brain starts producing the melatonin hormone, which controls your cardiac rhythm and sleep, in response to the dark atmosphere. A bright light decreases the secretion of melatonin, which can lead to anxiety, mood disorder, insomnia, and other sleep problems.

Replacing your bedroom light with a dim one can reduce the tension on your eye muscles. Additionally, the combination of an organic mattress and dim lights make any bedroom perfect for having a good night’s sleep.

The Bottom Line

Sleep patterns vary from person to person. Some may fall asleep seconds after hitting the bed, and some may take hours. It can be frustrating to watch people sleeping peacefully while you’re struggling with it. When you sleep on an organic mattress, make your bedroom a screen-free zone, and follow the effective tips mentioned above, you can achieve a good night’s sleep faster than you ever did!

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