• adjustable bed

    What are Adjustable Beds? Why Do You Need One?

    If you sleep for 8 hours in a day, that amounts to 2920 hours in one year, which is equivalent to approximately 121 days in one year. The reason why our body requires this much amount of sleep in a day is to remove toxins and improve processes, such as digestion. When we cannot sleep […]

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  • Organic Cotton Mattress

    Bio Sleep Concept Organic Cotton Mattress Certification and Safety Standard

    Do you know that 7% to 19% of adults do not attain proper sleep? Missing out on 7 to 9 hours of peaceful sleep can make you grumpy. Do you think you come under this squad? You may have heard the phrase, “sleep is meditation” because when you are well-rested, you enjoy life a lot […]

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  • wood mattress foundation

    Find Your Base: What Foundation Type is Best For You?

    When you are purchasing a new mattress or remodeling your bed for better comfort, thinking of the right bed foundation is imperative. While previously box springs and metal squares were widely used, wood mattress foundation is a better, durable, and environment-friendly option now gaining importance. Therefore, this article will discuss the benefits of wood mattress […]

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  • latex mattress

    How to Take Care of your Latex Mattress Futon and Foundation?

    Latex mattress futon and foundation can give you a comfortable night’s sleep. Read more to know how to keep your latex mattress futon and foundation clean.

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  • wool futon

    What are the Health Benefits of Sleeping on Wool Futons at Home?

    The concept of futon was first introduced in Japan, and at the time, cotton futons were used to save space. Today, natural wool futons are available in the market that prepared using organic material throughout the manufacturing chain. We receive a sustainable, valuable, and comfortable product that has many health benefits. What Are Wool Futons? […]

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  • sleeping positions

    What Does Your Sleep Position Say About You?

    If you sleep in a fetal position, you’re probably sensitive or shy. If you sleep on your stomach, you are probably amicable enough with others but you hate criticism. If you sleep on your side with your arms outstretched, on the other hand, you are probably stubborn and suspicious. So, do these personality traits match […]

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  • Cotton Mattress Futon

    A Comprehensive Guide for Buying Cotton Mattress Futon

    Now and then, we encounter a family member or a friend narrating his sleepless night story, courtesy of a “rough” bed. The usual suspect in these cases is invariably the futon mattress. However, in a changed scenario, the cotton mattress futon has managed to garner a wider radius of acceptance globally as the most versatile […]

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  • sleeping on a couch

    Why is it Unhealthy to Fall Asleep on a Couch?

    Have you been binge-watching all night? Found yourself waking up on the couch? Maybe you complain of body ache right after–all these are tell-tale signs that you are choosing the wrong place to fall asleep. While sleeping on a couch may seem like a casual thing, it does more harm than good to your body. […]

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  • back pain

    Ways to Manage Back Pain at Home

    Back pain is, unfortunately, one of the most common problems. About eight out of 10 people deal with different types of backache in their lifetime. It can result from the poor-quality mattress, injury, activities, age, or other medical conditions. Instead of taking the road of painkillers and operation, switching to a good mattress can be […]

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  • sleep problem

    Helpful Tips to Overcome Sleep Problem

    Sleep is crucial for mental and physical health. Unfortunately, numerous people all over the world are struggling with some type of sleep problem and failing to get enough rest when they need it. The majority of people at least once in life have taken sleep for granted. It is interesting to note that sleep deprivation […]

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