Here’s Why You Can Sleep on Futon Mattress Every Night

futon mattress

Sleep is an essential ingredient to achieving optimal health. A healthy mind and body function in sync and prime when it is well rested. Apart from sleeping time, the surface of sleeping and the sleep environment matters a lot for the sleepers’ well-being.

While most of us prefer sleeping on a full-size bed setting with a mattress, many sleep on a futon mattress. And, they have a pleasurable experience with futons due to various factors.

However, making a futon for your everyday driver for a good night’s sleep is a highly personal choice. Here, we will discuss why sleeping on a futon every night could be comfortable and cozy.

What Is a Futon?

Simply put, a futon is a foldable bed. It can be packed and shifted during the day, or even converted into a sofa for people to sit on.

Traditionally, futons were an inherent part of Japanese culture. It is still found in Japan in its original form, where mattresses were made from light feathers, dry leaves, beads, etc.

Modern-day western futon mattresses have adapted to the lifestyle needs and philosophies of the western world. Nowadays, futons are available in different shapes, sizes, and designs. Modern futons are simple mattresses placed on top of lightweight bed frames that can be folded and converted into a sofa.

organic futon mattress

Read more about futons and their types.

Why can Futon be an Everyday Driver for Your Sleeping Needs?

Traditionally, futons were meant to be the regular mattress that you slept on. It is still used as a regular mattress in Japan, where it is placed on the floor at night and then tucked away during the day. Though modern western futons have endorsed a different outlook towards it, a futon can still be an everyday sleeping mattress for many. Here are a few reasons why.

1.Back Support Due to Firmness Level

A futon can be extremely comfortable to sleep on because it provides enough support and ample pressure relief at crucial junctures of the body. It is valued for its flexibility and versatility.

The firmness level of a futon mattress ranges from medium soft, medium firm, and firm. Since traditionally a futon was meant to be placed on the floor during the night to sleep on, it was usually built firm. Many sleepers have benefited from sleeping on a firm mattress surface because their back gets firmer support. The spine and the backbone are properly aligned because of the firmness of the surface.

People who earlier experienced back aches from sleeping can sleep well after sleeping on a futon. For pregnant women and chronic insomniacs, though, laying an extra mattress topper or cushion on top of the futon can be beneficial. It can help them support their body where the weight of the body is evenly distributed and the pressure points are amply supported.

2.Supports the Back During Pregnancy

It is often noticed that pregnant women may find it difficult to sleep on a plain regular mattress as the time progresses toward labor and delivery. During pregnancy, an expectant mother can sleep on a futon mattress with the necessary customizations and changes or additions as she might feel comfortable. Here, adding another soft layer can help to achieve the desired level of comfort.

3.Comfortable for People Suffering from Chronic Back-ache

Likewise, it is also sometimes possible that a person suffering from chronic backache cannot attain good sleep on a plain and regular mattress. Sleeping on a futon has proven to be beneficial for them as well.

Since a futon is highly customizable, many people sleep on a futon mattress by placing it on the floor at night. The futon beds and lightweight bed frames also serve various people as a good source of comfort during sleep at night.

4.Organic and Natural Means Safe for Your Sleep Well-Being

All the bedding products from BioSleep Concept are certified 100% natural and organic, containing sustainable materials. Organic futons are, therefore, dust mite resistant, antibacterial, allergen-free, safe, and secured. They are perfect for your skin.

People suffering from chronic skin allergies have benefitted immensely by sleeping on organic futons since the sleeping surface is healthy and environment-friendly.

Artificial or non-organic mattresses emit harmful gasses. Imagine sleeping on a surface for the entire night. That is around 6 to 8 hours. Or one-third of your life! It would be a disaster for an asthma patient or someone allergic to breathing harmful chemicals. Sleeping on organic surfaces means that the sleeper will not breathe harmful gasses.

5. Added Benefits of a Futon Mattress

  • Futons are lighter than beds, and you can move them with ease. It is also a good choice for tenants on the move or for people who need to use the room’s space for other reasons during the day and sleeping during the night.

  • It is also a good choice when guests visit since you will have peace of mind that your guests will rest fine on an organic futon.

Wrap Up

Don’t get carried away by the lightweight design of a futon. Its form is the reason it is so versatile in its functionality. Customize a futon mattress to suit your needs well enough, and it could be your sleeping companion every night for a long time.

futon mattress

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