What is a Wool Mattress Topper and Why Do You Need One?

organic wool mattress topper

Humans spend almost one-third of their whole life sleeping. Ideally, medical professionals suggest that we should sleep for about eight hours on a daily basis. As a result, we spend one-third of the day in bed, resting and recharging our body and mind so that we can be active and productive during the day. For this reason, investing in high-quality bedding materials is of great importance.

If our mattress, pillows, and comforters are made from organic and hypoallergenic materials, then we will spend one-third of every day in a healthy and comfortable environment. This will enable us to get restful and rejuvenating sleep while also preventing any ailments and allergies. Hence, you must plan ahead to create a healthy and cozy sleeping environment for yourself and your loved ones, with the help of quality bedding products.

What is a Mattress Topper?

In essence, a mattress topper is placed on top of a mattress to provide additional protection to the mattress and also to provide cushioning and support to our body. It is not fixed to the mattress and is removable in nature. Often known as a mattress pad, a topper is usually placed on top of the mattress and plays an important role in making the bed more comfortable and cozy. Mattress toppers are particularly useful if the mattress itself is either worn or too rigid.

Mattress toppers made out of high-quality organic materials like cotton and wool are comfortable, breathable, and provides excellent support to the body. These mattresses toppers are also durable and easy to clean and maintain. The basic function of a mattress topper is to keep your body well-cushioned, comfortable, and supported through the night. Any topper that adequately serves this purpose is worth buying.

The primary benefit of a mattress topper is threefold:

  1. It softens a mattress that is too rigid and makes the bedding more comfortable.
  2. It evens out a mattress that is lumpy, sagging, or shabby.
  3. It protects the mattress from moisture, dust, germs, and other pollutants.

benefit of a mattress topper

Choosing a Wool Mattress Topper

Mattress toppers can be made from a variety of materials. Each material has its own benefit. Some of the materials commonly used to make mattress toppers are memory foam, organic cotton, latex, feathers, and organic wool.

Of these, wool mattress toppers have recently gained great popularity among customers. This is because wool is a comfortable, eco-friendly, and organic material that is easy to obtain. It is obtained by shearing the soft and wavy natural coat of a sheep or goat. Some other animals such as the alpaca may also be used for their fleece.

This fleece, after being shorn from the body of the animal, is used to make yarn or cloth, which in turn serves as the raw material for the wool mattress toppers. Wool is also ideal for all types of weather, which means that you can use a wool mattress topper throughout the year without the slightest discomfort. This will help you save the money you might otherwise have had to spend on replacements.

So, if you are planning to buy a new mattress topper for your bed, then you should definitely consider opting for a wool mattress topper.

Some of the major advantages of woolen toppers have been listed below:

benefits of wool mattress topper

1. Regulated Temperature

Wool has great insulating properties. Hence, a wool mattress topper can keep you warm during the winter and cool during the summer. Woolen fabric is also naturally airy and breathable. So, by investing in a woolen topper, you will ensure that your bed is comfortable and cozy throughout the year. There will be no need to replace the topper when the season changes, which will further enhance the cost-effectiveness of the product. Temperature regulation is one of the major benefits of woolen toppers.

2. Variety

When it comes to buying a wool mattress toppers, there is a range of options that you can choose from. You can go for an exclusive and durable blend of British and alpaca wool, or opt for the basic lambswool, which is made from the first shearing of a young lamb and has an extremely fine and soft texture. Merino, Mohair, Cashmere, and Angora are some of the other woolen types and blends that you can choose from, in accordance with your budget and preferences. Choosing the right wool blend will enable you to get a mattress topper that is perfect for your needs.

3. Comfortable

A comfortable bed is essential for getting a restful and rejuvenating eight hours of sleep every night. Because wool mattress toppers are extremely soft and provide excellent support and insulation, they can help you create a cozy and comfortable sleeping environment with little effort. Sleeping on a wool mattress topper is like sleeping with a baby lamb by your side – soft, warm, and cozy. Moreover, it is airy and breathable and will, therefore, keep you from feeling hot and suffocated during the summers.

4. Hypoallergenic

Wool is naturally resistant to mold and mildew. It does not support the growth of dust mites, which are often found inside the bedding layers. As a result, wool mattress toppers are naturally hypoallergenic as they do not contain many of the elements that frequently cause allergies in human beings. Mattress toppers made from organic wool also do not contain harmful chemicals such as pesticides and flame retardants, which cause irritation and allergies in persons who are sensitive to chemicals. Hence, these mattress toppers are perfect for those with sensitive skin or respiratory illnesses like asthma.

5. Cushioning and Support

Over time, mattresses can become lumpy and start sagging. This is especially true for traditional, innerspring mattresses. Therefore, old mattresses can be uncomfortable to sleep on and may cause backaches and other health issues. This problem can be solved with a wool mattress topper. Woolen toppers provide the perfect balance of softness and firmness which leads to great cushioning as well as optimal support for the body. The wool topper can also mold itself according to the shape of your body so that you will be cradled comfortably in your bed throughout the night.

6. Bed Sharing

If you are sharing a bed with another person, such as a partner or a sibling, then a wool mattress topper is a must-have. The topper will absorb movement and impact, so if one partner moves around during the night or leaves the bed for any reason, the other person will not feel the movement or disturbance of any kind. Moreover, the mattress topper can be folded and added to just one side of the bed, in case the two persons have different preferences when it comes to the firmness level of the mattress. The person who prefers to sleep on a softer surface can use the mattress topper, while their partner can sleep on the mattress directly.

7. Sustainability

Wool – obtained by shearing the coats of various herbivores such as sheep, rabbits, goats, and alpacas – is an eco-friendly and sustainable material which does not harm the environment when harvested. It is also renewable, as a lamb will grow back its coat after a few weeks or months of being sheared. Manufacturing wool does not require any non-renewable resources, nor does the production process cause any pollution. Moreover, wool is a natural material and is therefore completely biodegradable. Thus, a wool mattress topper is an organic and sustainable product.

8. No Chemicals

Organic wool mattresses are manufactured without the use of any harmful chemicals such as flame retardants, pesticides, etc. Wool is naturally flame resistant and has a relatively high ignition temperature, due to which flame retardant chemicals are usually not required. Because wool also has some amount of natural resistance to dust mites, mold, and bacteria of all types, the use of chemical pesticides is unnecessary effect for people who are sensitive to chemicals and want a healthy and natural sleeping environment.

9. Durable

Wool mattress toppers are durable, low maintenance, and easy to clean. As a material, wool is naturally resistant to moisture, so small spills and leaks can just be wiped off the surface. Moreover, wool is one of the most durable natural materials and is relatively resistant to wear and tear. With proper care and semi-regular cleaning, a wool mattress topper can easily last a number of years without losing its firmness or aesthetic appeal.

10. Cruelty-Free

No animals need to be harmed in order to obtain wool. When done properly, shearing can be a completely healthy and painless process. While there are certain companies that have been accused of treating animals like sheep and rabbits unethically to obtain wool, a little research is all you need to find manufacturers who produce cruelty-free woolen toppers and other bedding products. These products are manufactured keeping in mind the needs and wellbeing of the animals, without resorting to any unethical or inhumane cost-cutting tactics.

Final Words

Mentioned above are ten of the most important reasons why you should opt for a wool mattress topper to enhance the comfort and durability of your bed. With this product covering your mattress, you will get the restful and rejuvenating sleep that you deserve, every single night!

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