Couch Futon with Wool: How to Clean and Maintain It?

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In recent years, mattresses, couch futons made with wool, and other bedding products made from natural and organic wool have gained great popularity among customers around the world. Natural wool is an extremely comfortable, durable, and eco-friendly material. It is also relatively easy to clean, sanitize, and maintain. Hence, natural wool mattresses and futons can retain their beauty and shape for years with minimal upkeep.

How to Clean and Maintain Couch Futons with Wool?

To increase the longevity of your couch futon with wool and keep them fresh and clean, it is important to perform regular upkeep and know about the best maintenance practices or techniques. Some general maintenance tips for woolen bedding products have been listed below for your convenience.

#1. Getting Sufficient Air

Allowing the futon to air out on a regular basis. To ensure that the most active areas of your couch futon with wool can get some fresh air every single day, you should pull back the blankets and comforters in the morning and leave the futon for an hour or two air out .

This is because couch futons with wool wick away moisture and sweat from the body of the sleeper. Airing the bedding items every single day enables the wool to release this moisture and remain fresh for a long period of time.

#2. Seasonal Exposure to the Sun

On a clear day at the end of every season, you should strip the couch futon with wool of all covers and place it out in the sun. Couch futons made of wool need some exposure to natural sunlight from time to time.

Such direct exposure to the sun will help disinfect, deodorize, bleach, and revitalize the wool futon in a natural and healthful manner. Just lay the couch futon on top of a blanket or plastic sheet, out in the yard or on your roof for it to get the sunlight. This will also allow the bedding products to absorb some much-needed fresh air.

#3. Finding the Right Frame

One of the most important factors to consider when you’re trying to enhance the longevity of couch futon with wool is whether or not you have a compatible and high-quality frame. Usually, woolen bedding materials do well with frames made from solid wooden slats rather than the traditional box spring design.

These slats must be spaced optimally so that they can provide the required level of support to the couch futon as well as to the sleeper himself. An incompatible frame can cause untimely wear and tear in the futon, leading to a fall in its longevity.

#4. Proper Washing Method

Washing and cleaning the couch futon with wool in the proper way is essential for longevity and comfort. Soap, water, and some light disinfectants are all that you need to complete the washing and cleaning process. There are two primary washing methods for natural wool bedding products, namely the bathtub wash method and the no-shrink method.

Each of these approaches has its own advantages and drawbacks, but knowing what they have to offer will help you make the right choice during the cleaning process. Moreover, you should only wash the woolen couch futons when it is absolutely necessary to do so, as frequent contact with water may cause fraying and shrinkage.

#5. Breaking In a New Product

Couch futons need to be broken in after the purchase has been made. This is because such products are carefully compressed by hand during the manufacturing process. Once the mattress is slept on, it will compress to a certain degree and adjust to the shape and contours of the sleeper’s body.

All you need to do in order to avoid any lumps and dips is to rotate and flip the futon every few months. Try not to sleep on the exact same spot every single night, to create a balance throughout the entire surface of the mattress. The process of compression will stop automatically after a few months.

#6. Cover and Protection

To protect the couch futon with wool from damage, you can also consider buying a topper made from wool or any other organic material such as cotton, latex, etc. This topper will cover the futon completely and will provide it with much-needed protection against dust, bacteria, moisture, etc.

Moreover, whenever dirt accumulates on the surface, you can simply wash the light upper layer instead of the entire futon. This will help you avoid frequent washing and cleaning issues and simultaneously enhance the longevity of the product. Couch futons made of organic wool might also enhance the level of comfort you experience.

In Conclusion

These are some of the best and easiest ways in which you can care for and maintain your natural couch futon with wool. For the best results, however, you should make sure to only purchase natural wool bedding products from a trusted and reputed manufacturer.

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