How to Take Care of your Latex Mattress Futon and Foundation?

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I purchased a mattress futon one year back. I have been using it ever since, and no doubt, the mattress is simply amazing. However, how can I maintain it? I can see that it has some spots, and it is retaining more moisture than usual. Should I consider purchasing a latex mattress futon?

After weeks of searching, you have finally found the right surface to sleep, the latex mattress futon and foundation, for your bedroom. This futon and foundation offer a comfortable sleeping experience so that you can be able to relax your body in the right manner. However, how can you maintain this mattress?

Latex mattress futon and foundations are the best choices in the market, but you have to maintain these for a longer lifespan. For this reason, in this article, we have discussed some useful tips.

How to Maintain Your Latex Mattress Futon and Foundation?

To utilize your latex mattress futon and foundation for a long time, it is imperative to keep it in working condition. Here are some tips to achieve that.

1. Flip and Rotate

To ensure that your body is evenly spreading on the mattress, it is necessary to flip and rotate the mattress from time to time.

  • Flip

Flipping means lifting your mattress and flipping it at 90-degree so that the above surface is now at the bottom touching the foundation. This will help you even out the weight on both sides of your mattress. In this manner, no side of the mattress will develop bumps.

  • Rotate

Rotating means turning your latex mattress by 180-degree. This will bring the top to the bottom on the lower side of the bed and the bottom to the top near the headboard. In this manner, you can even out the weight through one side as well.

The best method is to flip and rotate at once. So, the front becomes back, and the top side goes to the lower part of the bed.

2. Use a Cover

Latex mattress futons and foundations are already durable, and adding a mattress pad or cover to it will eliminate any damage to your mattress. You can easily take out this cover, wash it, and dry it regularly to maintain hygiene.

Benefits of a mattress cover or mattress pad:

  • Protect from spillages and spots
  • Eliminate moisture from reaching the mattress
  • A clean mattress and germ-free mattress
  • Improve life due to extra safety and less damage

3. Ensure Instant Spot Removal

As an owner of a latex mattress futon and foundation, you need to be preventive for spots; to start with. If some spillages are common with kids in the house, then clean spots immediately. When we let a spill sit on the mattress futon or foundation for a few hours, it gives rise to new germs. The spill also starts leaving a stain. So, to ensure a spotless mattress futon, clean spots immediately.

How to clean spots from a latex mattress futon and foundation:

  • Take a clean cloth and absorb moisture.
  • Then take washing liquid and dab it on the spot.
  • Now, take a damp cloth and remove the cleaning liquid.
  • Again, absorb moisture with a clean cotton cloth.
  • Lastly, allow this to dry properly for at least a day.

4. Sun Dry

Throughout the night, our bodies release bodily liquids like sweat. This moisture seeps into the mattress futon and foundation and keeps accumulating. If you don’t allow your mattress to breathe, this moisture gives rise to germs and bacteria, along with releasing a foul smell.

This causes:

  • Allergies
  • Health issues
  • Uncomfortable sleeping

To allow your mattress to breathe and eliminate moisture, here’s what you can do:

  • One option is to utilize a slatted base. We have discussed this next.
  • Another option is to sun-dry.

Choose the Right Foundation

For every type of mattress, you need to choose the right foundation. Many experts believe that you don’t need a foundation with a latex foundation. However, adding it will only help you maintain your mattress and make the bedding more comfortable.

  • Using a foundation will keep your mattress clean from underneath. If you don’t have a latex mattress foundation, the mattress will ultimately get dirty from the side it is in contact with the floor.
  • It is best to use a slatted base to allow the mattress to breathe. If you are putting it on the floor, there’s no passage for the moisture to escape.

In Conclusion

From choosing the right latex mattress futon and foundation to eliminating moisture, everything contributes to the comfort offered by a mattress futon and foundation. Hence, check the above tips and utilize them to keep your mattress dry, safe, and allergen-free. With these things, you can easily improve the life of your mattress and maintain the support/comfort it is offering you.

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