How to Choose the Right Size Futon for Yourself?

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When you are looking to create a versatile living space or you want to save some precious space in your room, futons are a great choice. A cotton futon mattress can be used as a couch or a bed. Thus, it can be very useful when you have multiple rooms or you have space constraints in your house. This versatility appeals to people for various reasons.

However, while shopping for a futon, one may end up choosing the wrong size for themselves. And, this could be due to various reasons. Worry not, because we have got you covered.

But, let us understand what a futon is in the first place.

What is a Futon?

Futons are convertible beds that fold up to form a sofa. Thus, they can be used for sleeping during the night and for sitting during the day. It generally consists of a frame and a mattress. A futon frame is a convertible piece of furniture here, which can be folded. The mattress of the futon is generally thinner and lighter than a regular bed mattress, and thus moving it is easier.

Though futons originated in Japan around the 17th century, their widespread use and acceptance in the Western world started around the mid-20th century. Moreover, the futons we see today are different from the original futons consisting of light materials such as beads, feathers, and cotton.

Modern futon mattresses vary in their manufacturing. Modern materials such as coil and synthetic fibers are also used sometimes, along with cotton batting or foam. A cotton futon mattress can be firm or soft, whereas the futon frame is made from wood or metal. Some modern futons can be quite heavy, but they are still lighter than regular beds and mattresses.

Choosing the Right Size Futon

Since a futon’s use is versatile, people often prefer it for various reasons. However, while shopping for a futon, it could be quite challenging to choose the right one for you if you are unsure about what to look for.

A cotton futon mattress comes in various sizes and thicknesses, therefore, it becomes a little difficult for people to understand which one to choose for the best use in their particular case.

We have outlined in this article the factors that should be considered while choosing the right size futon for yourself. When these factors are taken into consideration, choosing the right futon size will be easy for you.

  1. Intended Use

A futon is versatile furniture and can be used for various purposes. It could be used as a sofa for sitting in a living room or could serve as a full-size bed for sleeping.

Further, a futon can also be placed in a guest room for your guests. They use it for both sitting during the day and sleeping during the night. Oftentimes, people who are on the move also prefer futons since they are lightweight and hence easy to transport.

Therefore, you must be clear about how you intend to use the furniture beforehand, as this will save you a lot of hassles afterward.

  2. Availability of Space

A major area of concern for people is the space where the futon is to be placed. Consider the space available to you inside the room. Measure the floor space to get an approximate idea of the area you will require to use the futon.

While measuring, ensure that you have accounted for the space required to open, close, dismantle, or assemble the furniture without any hindrance. Another vital factor is the space available to move around comfortably after placing the futon.

  3. Your Sleeping Needs

If you plan to use a futon for sleeping at night, you might ideally want to consider going for a larger-size cotton futon mattress. The futon frames come in various sizes, and so do the futon mattresses.

If you want your futon to be your everyday sleep companion, you can choose a larger size, viz., queen-size futon frame and futon mattress. On the other hand, if you intend your guests to use it in the guest room occasionally or as a secondary bed, a twin or twin XL could be sufficient.

  4. Consider Your Height

Height is another factor that requires personalization and personal judgment. Every person’s height is different. If you are tall, you might need a futon with a longer length so that your limbs can stretch while sleeping.

Ideally, a twin XL or full-sized cotton futon mattress should be good enough for tall people. You must carefully match your height and the length of your futon mattress while shopping.

  5. Your Budget

Budget is a crucial factor when choosing a futon. Larger futons made from premium materials could be expensive. Here, you must decide beforehand the amount you are willing to spend on a mattress. Knowing your budget can make your buying decision more prudent.

  6. Material and Firmness

Modern futon mattresses are made from various materials, and you must consider them carefully before choosing your futon. Futon mattresses made from natural and organic materials such as cotton or latex could be ideal for people with sensitive skin.

The firmness of a mattress could be a subjective factor since it depends on the sleeper’s choice, personal preferences, and sleeping requirements. However, a futon mattress could be available in various firmness levels, ranging from highly firm to soft. Check whether the size you want has the preferred firmness too.

  7. Frame Size

Your cotton futon mattress lays on top of a futon frame. While choosing the size of your futon, you must check whether the futon mattress and the frame align together.

Ensure the specifications mentioned by the manufacturer match your requirements. A mismatch in the size of the frame and the mattress could prove to be uncomfortable for use in daily life.

Wrap Up

While shopping for a futon, selecting the correct size is critical. And it depends on various factors such as the budget, height of the sleeper, the alignment with the frame, etc. However, when you choose a cotton futon mattress, the most vital factor to remember is how you intend to use the mattress. Once the purpose is clear, the rest of the questions are easy to answer.

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