Quilted Mattress Protector: One Bedding Item for Nightlong Sound Sleep

Quilted Mattress Protector

For a disturbance-free sleep all night, a comfortable and clean mattress is essential. But just buying an expensive mattress is not enough. One must also take good care of it to make sure that it stays in its best condition. A mattress is an extremely heavy object; hence, washing or cleaning it frequently is not done by most people. Even scrubbing the top of a mattress doesn’t guarantee the removal of all the dirt and bacteria present in a mattress.

Fortunately, there are many ways to take good care of a mattress and extend its life. One such easy solution is investing in a quilted mattress protector. For the uninitiated, a mattress protector is a removable cover for your mattress with a quilted top that sits on top of your mattress to prevent any spills, stains, and wetting.

Different Types of Mattress Protectors

Nowadays, there are different types of mattress protectors available in the market. One can easily find quilted mattress protectors made of natural materials like cotton and latex or synthetic materials such as vinyl and polyurethane along with blended materials mattress protectors. Based on the mattress coverage, these toppers can be classified into three types; elastic strapped, fitted, and encasement that cover one, five, and six sides of your mattress, respectively.

Along with these, there are quilted mattress protectors that are built with technology to facilitate temperature stabilization. Mattress protectors made with phase change material (PCM) absorb body heat during the night and are great for warm sleepers as they allow even breathing throughout the night.

Mattress Protector

Benefits of Quilted Mattress Protectors

Now that you know what a mattress protector is and the different types of mattress protectors available, you may question why one needs a quilted mattress protector. They are not only very affordable compared to the price of a mattress, but also have many great advantages that can extend your mattress’s life. Ultimately they help save your money and time from replacing a mattress in shorter time intervals.

Listed below are the prime five benefits of adding a mattress protector to your mattress.

1. Prevents the Wear and Tear of a Mattress

By adding a quilted mattress protector on top of a regular mattress, one can significantly slow down the wear and deterioration caused to a mattress. A mattress protector guards the mattress against getting dirty and stained marks, ensuring that the mattress lasts for a longer period. It also ensures that there are no breakages or other damage caused to the mattress, which can affect the mattress’s warranty. Buying a good padded quilted mattress protector will also increase the comfort level of your mattress.

2. Protects Against Dust Mites and Other Allergens

A mattress protector covers your mattress and prevents unwanted micro organism residing inside your mattress like mildew, mold, bed bugs, etc. from coming in contact with your body and possibly causing any allergy or infections. Adding a quilted mattress protector to your bed will ensure that you enjoy a disturbance-free sleep throughout the night. Breathing through these tiny creatures over time can cause different skin and respiratory infections and problems in many people and, therefore, must be avoided at all costs.

3. Stops Moisture and Dander From Sinking Into the Mattress

During sleep, bodily fluids like sweat and drool may sink deep into your mattress. Dead skin, unwashed makeup, fur, or skin shed from pets can also be transferred and absorbed into the mattress and create an unhygienic environment that promotes the growth of unwanted living organisms in your mattress. But if you have a quilted mattress protector protecting your mattress, you can avoid this situation and stay away from these harmful elements. Washing your mattress protector at regular intervals will get rid of all these allergens without any extra effort.

4. Creates a Barrier in Case of Accidents and Spills

Adding a waterproof quilted mattress protector can prevent the mattress from getting any accidental food or water spills. Without a mattress protector, a mattress is prone to wetness stains and marks that can affect the look and hygiene of your mattress. Because of this amazing property, mattress protectors are a must-have for your babies and kid’s beds. A quilted mattress protector is very easy to clean when compared to a regular mattress.

5. Provides a Hypoallergenic Surface

Most mattresses these days are formulated with heavy chemicals such as petroleum derivatives and adhesives. When a person sleeps on such a mattress, there is a high chance of inhaling all these harsh chemicals into the lungs and blood cells, which can be highly hazardous to their health. But when one adds a quilted mattress topper on top of such mattresses, they can stop gassing off of these chemicals. This is a great alternative for highly allergic people or someone who can’t afford a chemical-free mattress because of their high price.

mattress protector

By adding a quilted mattress protector, you can enjoy the benefits mentioned above at a competitive price. Also, these mattress protectors are very light-weight, making them very easy to clean. Most mattress protectors are machine washable and dryable.

When shopping for a quilted mattress protector, make sure to choose a mattress protector that is made of natural materials, and has an organic and chemical-free composition. Like mattresses, even mattress toppers can obtain certifications from different bodies for water resistance and allergy protection. Choose a mattress topper that is certified for the best results.

Available all different mattress sizes and thickness, mattress protectors can be easily found for kids or adult beds. To be extra cautious, one can also get a pillow protector for your pillow to get the maximum benefits. By following these amazing tips, you can ensure that you will find a good quilted mattress protector for your mattress, which in the long run, will be a smart investment.

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