Wool Mattress Pads: Why They Are a Great Investment for Your Bedroom

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If your bed is not able to offer optimum support to your body, you may not receive a good night’s sleep. Improper night’s sleep can cause disruption in the entire system, including both mental and physical impacts. For this reason, having nice, comfortable bedding elements is necessary for every individual.

When you are unable to receive required body support and comfort from your mattress, use a wool mattress pad. These mattress toppers provide a luxurious richness to the comfort level of the mattress at cost-effective prices.

Below we have discussed the benefits of wool mattress pads in detail. Read on to know how these toppers are great for your health and bedding hygiene.

Why You Need Wool Mattress Pad For Your Bedroom?

When your mattress is a little worn out or unable to offer cushioning to the body, you can use a wool mattress pad instead of replacing the mattress. Here are some of the benefits of wool mattress pads.

1. Temperature Control

For us to sleep peacefully and enter the deep sleep mode, our body needs to calm down and reduce its temperature. This helps in creating the right circadian rhythm, which impacts physical and mental health benefits.

However, synthetic fibers in the mattress can restrict the proper breathability of the body and skin. This keeps the body from cooling down. The high or warmer temperature of the body causes the individual to wake up quite frequently during the night.

Wool mattress pads are manufactured with breathable material that regulates temperature. This means that your body will stay warm during winters and cold during summers.

2. Optimum Comfort

Most of the wool mattress pads are created with regional and alpaca wools. These materials are soft in nature, which offers fluffy and comfortable top cover to your mattress. This means that your entire body can relax on the mattress while falling asleep. Hence, offering optimum relaxation effect and comfort to the individual.

3. Hypoallergenic

Wool as a material is naturally hypoallergenic. This property of wool mattress pads is extremely beneficial for individuals who have severe allergies or conditions like asthma. While latex and feather materials can trigger allergic reactions that last for days, wool reduces the occurrence of dust mites, mold, mildew, etc. This eliminates the trigger of allergic symptoms or reactions.

4. Body Support

If you are not able to receive proper night’s sleep, there’s a high chance that your mattress is too firm or too loose. It is not advisable to have too firm mattresses, as it can cause stiffness in your muscles, such as increasing your back pain. Some level of comfort and cushioning is necessary for body support.

A wool mattress pad has some cushion, which decreases the stiffness that you may experience due to your firm mattress. This body support would allow you to sleep peacefully in the night and wake up fresh in the morning.

5. Simple Cleaning

Cleaning a wool mattress pad easier than cleaning the entire mattress. You don’t have to necessarily drop off your mattress pad to the dry cleaners. Here’s what you can do:

· Occasionally, remove the wool mattress pad and dry it in the sun. This would disinfect the mattress, eliminate odor, and improve the shelf life of the topper.

· You can also fluff the topper for better support.

Avoid directly washing the topper to prevent the topper from losing its shape and form.

6. Extra Cushion

Even when you purchase the top quality mattress, this mattress would still wear out in the future. It would then become unsuitable for proper sleep. Placing a wool mattress pad over your mattress would offer extra cushioning and improve the life of your mattress.

In fact, it is also possible to use a topper over an old mattress to improve the comfort and cushioning of the old mattress. This would allow you to use your old mattress for a little longer.

Note: If your mattress has holes and popping springs, consider replacing it. Use a mattress topper for the new mattress to increase its durability.

7. Eco-Friendly

Wool mattress pads are created in an environment-friendly manner. It even comes with organic cotton cover. This reduces the harmful chemicals and fumes radiated from your synthetic mattress.

8. Hygienic

Mattress toppers and wool mattress pads are highly hygienic. If you spill something on the mattress, stain stays because it is not feasible to get the mattress dry-cleaned. But, that is not the case with mattress pads. You can easily clean and disinfect the wool mattress pads.


Wool mattress pads have amazing qualities, such as hypoallergenic nature, chemical-free manufacture, etc. These qualities help in improving comfort while sleeping, which improves the deep sleep cycle of the individual. Check the above benefits of wool mattress pads, consider your budget, and purchase a wool mattress topper for sound night’s sleep.

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