10 Reasons to Love Organic Cotton Mattresses

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Your sleep is a vital mechanism designed by nature for your good health. It rejuvenates the body so that it is full of energy to do its activities at full throttle during the day. Typically, a human body requires around 7 to 9 hours of sound sleep every day.

Apart from the hours of sleep, the material you sleep upon plays a very important role in getting you a sound sleep. Thus, it becomes a vital choice for every sleeper to consider with great caution the choices of mattresses they sleep upon.

Certain mattresses make a sleeper twist and turn the entire night. And then, some mattresses make one fall in love with them, and they delve deep into a sound sleep within moments of hitting their bed.

If this sounds familiar to you, you must consider buying a certified organic cotton mattress. The reasons are numerous, but here we are outlining 10 reasons to love organic cotton mattresses.

1. Assured High-Quality Cotton

Traditionally grown cotton is exposed to several harmful chemicals such as hazardous pesticides and insecticides right from the time they are sown until they are harvested and further processed.

On the other hand, organic cotton is not exposed to such chemicals due to the production methods followed on and off the farms. Thus, the materials used in a certified organic cotton mattress are of assured high quality. This guarantees that the sleeper enjoys a peaceful and healthy sleep.

2. Durability

A certified mattress will ensure high standards of auxiliary products used as well. Right from the stitching to its covering, everything used in a certified cotton mattress has to meet its high standards of certification. The result is not only how the mattress turns out to be, but also how long it will stay that way.

Due to its high quality, a certified organic cotton mattress lasts for a long duration without much wear and tear. This lets the sleeper reap a much-valued return for their investments for long years. Their enhanced sleep quality stays intact every night for years to come.

3. Breathe Natural

Some mattresses give out odor due to the emission of chemicals. Just think of it! How uncomfortable and harmful it would be for any sleeper to inhale that awful odorous air while breathing during their sleep?

A certified organic cotton mattress does not contain any artificial chemicals. Neither does it have any synthetic material nor emit harmful gasses. The result is when you sleep, you breathe fresh air that is free of hazardous chemicals and smells.

4. Sleep Cool

A synthetic fabric creates friction between the material and the skin. This often generates static electricity and results in heating the body. Whereas cotton lets the skin breathe freely and thus helps you stay cool the entire night.

The comfort level is unmatched, and the sleeper enjoys a worry-free and comfortable sleep that will rejuvenate his senses with high energy for the next day.

5. Certifications

Since there are a lot of variances in the production standards and assurance levels, certifications help them uniform the standards unanimously. This results in guaranteed assurances. A certified mattress will ensure that it has met the desired standards.

A certified organic cotton mattress from Bio Sleep Concept means it has passed the stringent certifications tests and audits from three prestigious and internationally recognized standards, viz., the LGA, the NZAF, and the Certipur-US®.

The LGA Quality certification indicates that the craftsmanship of the mattress is of high quality, and thus, the product will last long.

The NZAF certification focuses on breathing easy. This globally recognized and commendable certification ensures that the mattress does not emit harmful gasses and is easy to breathe on even for patients suffering from respiratory disorders.

The Certipur-US® certifies that a mattress does not contain harmful chemicals or hazardous materials.

6. Opportunity to be planet conscious

Consider the statistics. Growing cotton traditionally is a water-expensive activity. It leaves a whooping 69% water footprint. A single kilogram of traditionally grown cotton consumes 10,000 to 20,000 liters of water.

On the other hand, 80% of organic cotton is grown in farmlands that are rainfed. It takes the maximum benefit of rainwater harvesting, and as a result, it consumes 91% less water.

Further, traditional mattresses use synthetic adhesives which is a root cause of contamination around the globe. A certified organic cotton mattress strictly uses biodegradable products.

It means that if all the cotton mattresses are discarded, it won’t cause harm for the planet because they will simply degenerate with the soil.

By choosing an organic product, one can contribute to the greater good even long after the product has crossed its lifespan.

7. Custom-made to tailor your sleeping need

Many sleepers find it difficult to doze off to sleep on a traditional mattress simply because it was not designed for the way they sleep. Modern studies say that there are various types of sleepers, viz., straight sleepers, side sleepers, downward sleepers, and combination sleepers, to name a few.

Every sleeper has its own need for the mattress concerning its firmness, structure, etc. Traditional mattress design, which follows the principle of ‘one-size-fits-all’, is simply not good enough.

Modern technology enables a mattress to be custom designed based on your sleep pattern and sleeping needs. Thus, assuring that your certified organic cotton mattress offers youa healthy and sound sleeping experience at night.

8. Anti-allergic and Pro-sensitive

People who are allergic to dust mites and skin allergens may find it difficult to sleep on a traditional mattress. An organic cotton mattress on the other hand, can prove to be beneficial for such sleepers since the materials in it make it averse to microbial organisms and pests.

9. Good for kids

Infants and children are the ones who spend a lot of time in bed. They are still building up their immunity, and you would not want them to get exposed to diseases, pests, harmful chemicals, and gasses while they are sleeping on a traditional mattress.

An organic mattress solves this problem by letting your baby snore happily and without worry.

10. Good for old-aged people

Old citizens who are losing their immunity may already get started by experiencing a lot of diseases, backache, hip, joint pains, etc. Thus they may find it difficult to sleep on a flat traditional mattress.

A certified organic cotton mattress designed to be as soft or firm as they need will put them at ease and make their sleep sound and peaceful.

Wrap Up

Do you need to get rid of a bed that only makes you twist and turn the entire time you try to sleep on it? Now you may know and understand that it’s time to change your traditional mattress with a certified organic cotton mattress.

Meta Description: Know why a certified organic cotton mattress is exactly what you might need. Find out the 10 reasons to love organic cotton mattresses.

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