How an Organic Mattress Can Help You Achieve Restful Sleep

How an Organic Mattress Can Help You Achieve Restful Sleep

According to doctors and medical professionals, adults must receive anywhere between six to eight hours of sleep every night in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. By this measure, it can be said that we spend almost one-third of our life sleeping, as eight hours constitute one-third of a day. For this reason alone, the environment in which we sleep matters. After all, you wouldn’t want to spend one-third of your life in an uncomfortable, unhealthy, and cramped place.

This is why you must invest in a comfortable organic mattress. Such a mattress is not an extravagant luxury item; it is an investment for your long-term health, wellbeing, and comfort. Organic, natural mattresses are made from organic wool, latex, and cotton. These natural materials enable you to get restful sleep every night in a healthy and comfortable environment. Organic mattresses are also free of harmful chemicals and other artificial substances that can have a detrimental effect on your health over a period of time.

Important Features of Organic Mattresses That Make Them So Beneficial:

  • In essence, an organic mattress is a product that has not been treated with any harmful chemicals and is free of synthetic materials, thus complying with organic standards.
  • The components of these mattresses, such as the wool, cotton, and latex, are cultivated without the use of any pesticides.
  • These mattresses are manufactured using processes that do not make use of any chemicals or other harmful substances.
  • Instead of using artificial flame-retardant chemicals that might prove harmful to your health, these mattresses use organic wool to promote fire safety.
  • Organic mattresses, being made out of natural materials, also have the advantage of being biodegradable, which makes them environmentally friendly and sustainable.
  • Apart from being supremely durable, these mattresses are also hypo-allergenic, which means that they are quite unlikely to cause an allergic reaction in users.

These features have made organic mattresses very popular among young, health-conscious consumers.

Healthy Sleep and the Environment

Those, who are concerned about the environment, also prefer these mattresses because of their biodegradable and environmentally sustainable features. By purchasing such a mattress, an individual can take the first step towards reducing his or her carbon footprint. They can also help reduce the number of toxins in the air, thus contributing to the creation of a cleaner and healthier planet.

Additionally, organic mattresses also have the ability to alleviate pressure by properly supporting the spine and other pressure points throughout the night. An organic mattress will also play the key role in regulating your body temperature so that you can sleep comfortably, feeling warmer during the winters and cooler during summers. This can help you cultivate healthy sleep patterns in your day to day life, which will enhance your physical and mental well-being.

Free of Chemicals and Harmful Substances

The materials used for manufacturing eco-friendly organic mattresses are grown and processed with no synthetic chemicals. The sheep, from whom organic wool is obtained, are raised on pastures free of harmful pesticides. Moreover, the wool is not treated with corrosive chemicals during the manufacturing process. The cotton used in organic mattresses is also safer than normal cotton because no chemicals or pesticides are used to grow and cultivate this cotton.

The latex used in these mattresses is also grown in special plantations that meet the organic regulations of the federal USDA. The carcinogenic chemical flame retardants often used to coat mattresses in order to meet the 1633 fire retardant laws are also not used on these organic mattresses. Instead, organic wool is used, which is naturally resistant to fire and therefore meets all fire safety regulations.

Hypo-Allergenic Properties

People suffering from allergies and other types of respiratory problems should definitely consider investing in organic latex mattresses. The chemicals, pesticides, and other toxic substances that are incorporated during the manufacturing process of conventional mattresses often cause allergies and respiratory issues. The chemical-free nature of organic and non-toxic mattresses makes them hypo-allergenic, which is to say that they are very unlikely to cause or exacerbate allergies or other types of breathing problems.

Organic cotton, which is used to manufacture organic mattresses, is free of bleach, pigment, pesticides, and all other substances that might cause an adverse reaction in human beings. People, who are sensitive to harsh chemicals can also use organic mattresses without having to worry about any negative physiological reactions. Organic wool fibers contain self-cleaning scales that also help in ventilation and transports allergens away from the surface of the mattress. These mattresses are thus ideal for young children and patients, who might have a compromised immune system. These are just some of the reasons why the hypoallergenic properties of organic mattresses can prove useful for a diverse cross-section of people.

In Conclusion

Mentioned above are some of the major advantages of organic mattresses, through which they can help you achieve regular and restful sleep. Investing in a high-quality organic mattress will help you safeguard the health and wellbeing of your family and loved ones. For the best results, however, you must ensure that you are buying the organic mattress from a reputed, trusted, and experienced manufacturer.

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