7 Reasons to Meditate for Better Sleep Health

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“Sleep is the best meditation”, said the Dalai Lama.

Sleep heals the body and mind and makes them afresh during the night.

Having said that, quality sleep in today’s fast-paced world has become a luxury. For a reason, the case where chronic sleep disorders like insomnia have been on the rise.

Nevertheless, modern sleep experts suggest a simple and effective method to achieve a better night’s sleep. It’s called meditation!

Meditation can be done by anyone, anywhere, and at any time. What more? Modern scientific studies have revealed many benefits of this ancient practice.

And when meditation is combined with a conducive sleeping surface like an organic mattress, it can work wonders for your sleep health quite naturally.

Here, we will discuss seven reasons you should meditate to sleep better naturally.

How Can Meditation Better Your Sleep Health?

There are a lot of things that happen to the body and mind when you sleep. The cells restructure and heal themselves. The thoughts get organized, the brain is reset and the body is again revitalized to take on the next day’s activities head-on.

Meditation aids these things and much more. Let us see how.

1. Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are the two main factors that interfere with sleep. When we are stressed and anxious, our bodies secrete hormones that make it difficult to fall asleep.

It can make the body restless and the mind agitated. As a result, even if you manage to fall asleep, it is not deep enough as it should be.

Studies reveal that the mind can be calmed down and the body can be relaxed by practicing mindfulness and breathing techniques of meditation. Thus, it can prepare your body and mind to sleep well during the night.

When you sleep on an eco-friendly and organic mattress, your meditation practice can alleviate stress-induced sleep disorders and help you with a restful slumber at night.

2. Enhances the Quality of Sleep

Meditation has a direct and positive impact on the quality of your sleep. It helps the brain establish better communication between the neural cells and the spinal nervous system resulting in a deep and restful sleep, which is vital for restoring the body’s functions.

Studies reveal that meditation practitioners sleep better, deeper, and longer than those who do not practice any form of meditation.

When someone practices mindfulness meditation coupled with breathing techniques, their racing thoughts in the mind slow down, resulting in an easy transition from the wakeful state into falling asleep.

When this is supported by an environment-friendly, non-toxic, and organic mattress, the quality of the air you breathe at night is enriched.

3. Improves the Duration of Sleep

According to sleep experts, a night of uninterrupted sleep has no substitute for a quality lifestyle and a healthy life. For people suffering from insomnia and other sleep disorders, waking up from sleep frequently at night is a significant concern for their health.

Meditation helps maintain adequate sleep duration since it naturally lengthens the sleep duration for those who are sleep deprived.

Complementing your meditation practice with good sleep habits, like sleeping on an organic mattress, makes your sleep comfortable. Further, the body shape and contour are well supported due to its natural cushioning that helps uninterrupted sleep at night.

4. Regulates the Circadian Rhythm

The body has a natural biological clock that performs according to a rhythm cycle. This biological rhythm sets the sleep-wake body cycle, known as the circadian rhythm.

When someone suffers from sleep issues, their sleep-wake cycle goes for a toss, and it has its toll on the overall well-being of the person. Research shows that meditation helps restore the natural sleep-wake cycle and regulates the circadian rhythm.

As a result, there is an improved reflex function of the nervous system and the autonomic activities during sleep, eventually helping the individual stay alert, conscious, and sharp in its reflexes during wakefulness. This makes their activities during the day more intense, sharp, and controlled.

5. Promotes Mind-Body Awareness

When someone is fully conscious of their mind and body, they can identify and address any discomfort with complete ease consciously.

Through a deep connection between our body and mind, we can tend to our body’s sleeping needs and make sensible choices to enhance sleep wellness.

Meditation helps you to recognize, identify, appreciate, and imbibe the goodness of fine sleeping habits like using a natural and eco-friendly surface to sleep such as an organic mattress. It can help you identify patterns that work for you, and help in consciously repeating them.

6. Improves Sleep Efficiency

Do you fall asleep the moment you hit the bed?

When you don’t toss and turn on your bed trying to fall into a slumber, instead, you go into a deep slumber the moment you fall asleep, and you wake up fully revitalized and refreshed in the morning, it is a deja vu.

But, the issue is that most people do not experience this kind of sleep. Instead, they keep on tossing and turning. Meditation can help you fall asleep quickly and have an efficient sleep during the night – long and deep enough to wake up fully revitalized and refreshed.

7. It’s Natural & Safe

Meditation does not have any ill effects on health. If at all, it has only positive effects on the body and mind. It is natural, simple, and practical.

It only requires a bit of will and patience to practice meditation, which can help in sleeping better, naturally, and without any sleeping medications.

Wrap Up

If you are struggling with sleep, you can try meditation. It is a helpful tool when combined with a healthy sleeping surface such as an organic mattress and certified bedding accessories.

There are different techniques for meditation, and each one can benefit your overall well-being. If you are new to meditation, you can start slowly, and then gradually increase the intensity and amount of practice.

The key is to practice it regularly and become mindful of the changes that take place in your body. You will find immense joy, satisfaction, and contentment in your daily life, along with nights of restful sleep.

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