How a 4-Panel Mask Can Protect You from the Novel Coronavirus?

4-panek mask

The Coronavirus outbreak across the world has not only significantly changed our lifestyle, but has also altered our outlook towards everyday hygiene. The term ‘social distancing’ has become the new way of life and the ‘New Normal’ is gradually getting people accustomed to the new health standards followed to control the spread of the virus. Masks among other PPE have become everyone’s go-to stuff for any outdoor activities. It is a fact though that different nations hold different views in terms of the application and effectiveness of masks. While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA does recommend healthy individuals wearing a mask to prevent COVID-19 and other respiratory diseases, China suggests wearing non-surgical masks or cloth masks for people who at very low risk of getting infected. India, the country with a population of 1,383,085,891 keeps insisting on mask usage for all in public areas – however, no country is advising its people to buy or use the N95 valve masks, other than the health workers. Hence, it makes more sense if you use a 4-Panel Mask if you consider you require it or in case you are visiting congested public properties.

Eliminate Health Risks, Choose a Mask

We all have come to learn over time that the Coronavirus is highly contagious and spread through contact and respiratory droplets, with a chance of airborne transmission as well. Hence if you think you are having any symptoms, your first responsibility would be to get tested. Second, it is better if you wear a mask to avoid spreading the infection to your best efforts. Also, if you are working at stores where you come in contact with thousands of people every day, it is always better to choose a mask to be on the safe side. Other high-risk jobs include workers at public transportation, law enforcement, and hospitality sectors. Even if not full, face masks would at least provide some protection to these individuals. Any sort of reusable mask would shield them from avoiding splash, saliva, and mucus. In fact, it is advised by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC that the professionals working in high-risk zones use some kind of face cover. But you don’t need those N95 masks which the medical professionals are using. For regular use, a 4-Panel Mask would best suit your requirements. Plus, the N95 masks are not only very expensive but it is not also recommended by any national govt. for public use.

Learn about the Product before You Buy

Anyone needs to learn about the product details before he or she pays for it. Similarly, if you are planning to buy a 4-Panel Mask for yourself or any of your family members, get well acquainted of its specifications:

  • The masks are made after the 4 panel CDC 2006 design template
  • These are 2 layer cloth masks
  • The material used is Polyester/Cotton
  • The masks are washable and reusable
  • The masks come with ¼” elastic ear loops
  • Each mask has an opening at the side to insert filter media. The product does not include any filter media.
  • The outer side of the masks is designed with black cloth and the inside in white so that the user always knows which side has touched the face.
  • Mask measurement: 6″x 8.75″ (from the bridge of the nose to under chin x across cheekbones)

Mask Wash Care

It is not about buying and wearing the mask, but understanding the appropriate ways of washing it. You can wash these masks with your hands or go for a machine wash. One gentle cycle and you are done! Make sure, you always wash these masks in cool water. Opt for ‘Tumble dry low’ and avoid high temperatures the fabric used in the masks can fade, fray, or lose its elasticity.

Can I Wear These Masks While Exercising?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions on the internet, and the answer is a big ‘No’! You should never wear any kind of masks or face covers while working out. According to the guidelines by the World Health Organization(WHO) masks can reduce the ability to breathe if worn while exercising. It can, in fact, lead to the growth of microorganisms if your mask turns moist. The right preventive measure, in this case, would be to maintain a physical distance of one meter from your peers.

Can I Return These Masks If I Need to?

The sellers of the masks are thoroughly following the health guidelines, hence a mask once sold, cannot be returned or exchanged. So it is advisable, you invest time in decision making before purchasing. The sellers are also requesting you to wash the mask before you wear it, for your own health concerns.

More than a choice, a mask has become prevention equipment. Be it a 4-panel mask or any cloth covering, your choices in health & safety can influence the lives of others. While you also must conform to your country’s recommendations for health preservations, it is important, you make a wise decision taking into account your professional and personal stands.

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