When Can A Toddler Sleep With A Pillow?

A child means the world to their parents. It naturally makes them want to give their child the best of everything, including a comfortable sleep experience. But there is a common mistake that many parents make here. To give their toddlers a good night’s sleep, they start giving them items like pillows, elaborate bedding, etc., which a toddler does not necessarily require.

An adult pillow can pose a significant safety threat to your little child. Just because something makes an adult’s nighttime better and more comfortable doesn’t mean it will replicate the same experience for a toddler. You can use a wool pillow for toddlers to reduce the risk, but you should still reconsider your decision to give them a pillow at a very young age.

As a parent, assessing the associated risks is crucial while placing any items close to a toddler, including a pillow. To help parents decide whether they should give their toddler a pillow and when we’ve curated this helpful guide that answers all your questions. So ensure you read this guide till the end.

Parents Should Never Hurry to Give Their Little One’s a Pillow

The notable American Academy of Pediatrics has always suggested that kids below the age of one should be made to sleep on a flat, firm surface. The surroundings should be free of heavy blankets, adult pillows, soft toys, or any other soft bedding item. You may place a wool pillow for toddlers, but you should consider doing it after the kid has crossed 18 months.

Experts made these guidelines to ensure the safety of a child. It can sound surprising, but pillows can become the reason for suffocation or strangling, increasing the risk of SIDS. For the uninitiated, SIDS refers to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The term describes a healthy baby’s unexpected and unexplained death.

No research highlights when it’s 100% safe to give pillows to your little ones, but most believe it can be done when the toddler is between 18 months to 42 months of age. The safest time to introduce pillows in your toddler’s bedtime routine is when s/he is transitioning from a baby crib to a toddler bed.

Giving adult pillows to toddlers sleeping in cribs increases the chances of harm due to suffocation. Toddlers can also use pillows to climb up the crib and accidentally fall, getting severe injuries.

Is it Safe for a Toddler to Sleep with a Pillow?

You may be fascinated to add loose bedding, pillows, or soft, fluffy items to your toddler’s crib to give them a good experience, but it is not needed. It can increase the risk of SIDS. To ensure the toddler remains safe and secure during the night, they should only equip the crib with a simple, fitted sheet. If you still want to add something comfortable to the crib, it should be nothing more than a small-sized wool pillow for toddlers. You should avoid using any other pillow at all costs.

Although pillows look cozy, there are chances that a toddler may press its face against the pillow during sleep, increasing the risk of suffocation. The toddler’s body can also overheat if s/he snuggles too much against the pillow. These are enough reasons to keep your little ones away from a pillow until they reach 12 to 18 months of age.

If your child makes a lot of movements while sleeping, chances are the pillow will eventually make its way down to their feet – which is another reason you shouldn’t hurry giving toddlers a pillow.

What Type of Pillow is Needed for a Toddler?

When you feel it is safe to add a pillow to your toddler’s sleeping routine, don’t randomly pluck a regular pillow from your bed and add it to the toddler’s bed or crib. You should instead search for a top-quality, pint-sized toddler pillow that is flat and firm. A wool pillow for toddlers would also cut. To make your pillow selection easier, remove any pillow that is squishy and too soft.

Since toddlers don’t necessarily require a pillow, it is not mandatory to get one for them unless they express their desire to get one. You may feel your toddler can’t possibly sleep comfortably without a pillow; it is not usually the case. Keeping the crib free of pillows is a somewhat better and safe option. As the toddler grows, you can get them a pillow because you won’t have to worry about the pillow posing any risk to the child’s health later.

Pillows Given at the Right Time Can Make a Big Difference

Items like pillows appear harmless, something that can keep your little one comfortable and warm. However, little do people know that these items have the potential to become a cause of infant deaths due to suffocation while sleeping.

Instances of infants dying due to suffocation because of their pillows are not new, so parents should be careful about it. But if you give your little ones a wool pillow for toddlers at the right age and ensure a safe sleep environment, you will have nothing to worry about. Try giving your toddler a pillow as s/he grows a little older, say 18 months+, for the best and most comfortable experience.

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