How to Care for Organic Wool Pillows?

Care for Organic Wool Pillows

Organic wool pillows are prepared with natural wool material that is organically sourced from sheep. The entire process involved in the preparation of these wool pillows doesn’t include any chemical treatments. As a result, organic wool pillows are good for health, free from toxins, and perfect for your night’s sleep.

However, over time, like every pillow, wool pillows also accumulate dirt, dead skin cells, dust, sweat, and oil released from the top of our heads. With this, the pillow starts giving rise to bacterial and harmful growth, which triggers allergic reactions in people. Especially for people with conditions like asthma and other allergies, this is a disastrous situation.

For this reason, this article has discussed the basics of washing and keeping your organic wool pillow clean. Here are some tips to follow:

How to Take Care of Organic Wool Pillows?

The basic steps involved in taking care of your organic wool pillow are washing, steaming, and drying the pillow. This is what we have explained in the below steps.

Washing Care

To wash your wool pillow, you need to first consider the type of fillings in your pillow. These can be wool puffs or batting. When wool puff is present in the pillow, you need to close the zip properly and then wash the pillow with mild soap to avoid damaging the puffs.

However, it is necessary to check the care manual of your organic wool pillow. This is because some puffs may accumulate during the first or second wash, and even when you dry the pillow properly, these may not separate. Hence, your organic pillow maybe then destroyed.

If this is the case, remove the puff fillings and sun-dry them. Now, take the cover and wash that with mild detergent.

Hand Washing

The best way to clean your organic wool pillow is to hand wash it.

  1. Remove the slipcase of your pillow and wash it separately. Tightly close the zipper of your wool filling.
  2. Soak the filling in a big tub of lukewarm water with mixed soap.
  3. Allow the pillow to fully soak, and then rub your pillow gently with your hands to remove dust and dirt.
  4. It is a good idea to add some baking soda to the solution to remove odors.
  5. Let the pillow soak in water for some time.
  6. To take out, squeeze the pillow from different sides and put it under clean water or in a tube of clean water.
  7. Remove the detergent and air dry your pillow.

Machine Washing

If you don’t have time to hand wash your organic wool pillow, you can also machine wash it.

  1. Remove the slipcase and wash it separately.
  2. Fill your machine with lukewarm water and add a little baking soda with detergent.
  3. Turn on the soaking option and put your pillow in the machine.
  4. Some machines have a separate option for bedding and cradle wash.
  5. Use the appropriate mode so that the pillow is not squeezed or rubbed a lot.
  6. Don’t spin the pillow in the machine. Simply squeeze the extra water and air dry it.


When your pillow has lost its natural puff due to washing, you can use steam for the same.

  1. Take a big pot of water and bring it to a boil.
  2. Put a steaming basket on this pot and place your wool puffs over this.
  3. This will re-fluff your wool puffs and you can then put them back on the cover.


Drying your organic wool pillow is a crucial task but a necessary step. If your pillow is lying with all that moisture for a long, it might leave room for bacterial growth.

  1. After you wash your pillow in any manner, remove the slipcase and outer cover.
  2. Expose the puff balls or filling and dry them separately. This way, you may end up dividing the time needed to dry your wool pillow.
  3. Put your puff balls and pillow case under the sun to allow the moisture to reduce any germs to die.

Dry Cleaning

It is possible that the pillow can’t be washed at home. In that case, you need to take your organic wool pillow for dry cleaning.

However, remember that most dry cleaners use chemicals to clean your pillows and other clothes. These chemicals stay in the clothes and pillow for a long period. Hence, it seems logical to find the right organic dry cleaners and get your pillows naturally washed. This will not expose your body to any harmful chemicals.


Taking care of your organic wool pillow only ensures that you can enjoy the pillow for the long term. You can follow the above steps to keep your pillows clean and dry without hassle. However, remember that organic wool pillows don’t require regular washing. It is possible to eliminate germs and odors by sun-drying the pillow, regularly changing the slipcase, and avoiding spills on the pillow.

So, balance out the cleaning process to ensure you receive maximum benefit from this purchase.

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