9 Tips for Maximizing Space in a Small Bedroom

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Decorating a small-sized bedroom can be challenging for many, but optimizing the space without compromising your requirements is possible. When designed correctly, a small bedroom can also be as comfortable, cozy, and aesthetic as a large one. You don’t require drastic changes to make your small bedroom look much better and more spacious.

Adding aesthetic yet useful items, like a cotton futon mattress, minimized nightstand, scones, oversized art, etc., are excellent ways to get drastic results. To help homeowners better optimize space in their small bedrooms, we have shared nine most effective tips that won’t disappoint you. So let’s quickly explore the tips shared below.

1. Embrace Minimalism with Futon Mattress

An excellent and impactful way of transforming a small bedroom to maximize space is organizing a complete clean-out. Analyze your bedroom and identify unwanted items that can be replaced with more resourceful options. For example, if you have a regular mattress that takes up much space, replace it with a premium cotton futon mattress. These mattresses can be conveniently folded up and stored away when not in use. This way, you can turn a significant portion of your room into a comfortable workspace during the day and a cozy sleeping space during the night.

2. Choose Items that are Slim & Tall, Not Wide & Short

If you closely observe any well-decorated space, you will notice that short and wider items occupy more space than their slim and tall counterparts. Since every bedroom requires furniture, you can start replacing traditional furniture with fuss-free, simple, and almost minimal options. Replace bulky furniture pieces with designs featuring narrow and tall designs. Any item that takes less area but acts as great storage space is perfect for small bedrooms.

3. Utilize Wall Spaces

Many homeowners overlook the potential of wall spaces for space maximization. If you want your small bedroom(s) to look regal and classic, leveraging the wall space can be the best option. The easiest way to utilize wall spaces is by installing shelves or a bookcase on bedroom walls. It can securely yet decoratively store books, decor items, and other knick-knacks while freeing up the floor space, making the bedroom look larger, inviting, and open.

4. Get a Sleek Side Table Featuring a Slim Profile

A common mistake some homeowners make is investing in bulky and wide side tables. Not only does it take up a lot of space, but also affects the aesthetics. A better alternative is replacing bulky or oversized side tables with designs featuring slim legs and a modern yet sleek surface. Pick a colored side table that aligns with your bedroom color scheme. The shade of the side table should perfectly blend in and not act as a disturbing element. If you have a white-colored cotton futon mattress, get a short-heightened side table featuring vibrant red or royal blue hues.

5. Invest in High Ceiling Wardrobe

Since small bedrooms don’t have enough space, every inch has to be wisely utilized. An artistic way to optimize space in a small bedroom is to replace traditional wardrobes with ceiling-high ones. The latter options have symmetrical full height, helping you utilize the entire vertical space. You can install one high-ceiling wardrobe on each side of the bed to beautifully create a cohesive look. We recommend installing ceiling-high wardrobes with vibrant shades like blue, red, yellow, green, etc., to grab attention.

6. Use Built-In Underbed Storage

Many small bedrooms have a common challenge: finding enough storage space. If you have too many storage items to fit in your bedroom but cannot find the space to accommodate all, try using the storage space under your bed. Those who use a traditional bed over a cotton futon mattress can efficiently utilize the built-in bed storage drawers for keeping items. Consider keeping extra clothing, accessories, or bedding under the bed and see space freeing up.

7. Get Bedrooms Walls Painted with Bright & Light Colors

Not many realize this, but the color scheme of a space hugely influences how it looks. If you want the bedroom to look bigger and airier, paint your room walls with pastel, cream, and white hues. These shades reflect light, making the space look brighter. You can add layers of white hues featuring different patterns and textures so the room exudes a stellar personality. You can also use brighter colors by installing elements that act as accents, like vibrant curtains, rugs, vases, etc.

8. Invest in a Sliding Barn Door

If your hinged door takes up much space while opening and closing, replace it with a sliding barn door. Just like a cotton futon mattress saves floor space, so does a sliding barn door. They efficiently maximize space as they slide horizontally and don’t require any extra space. The best part of sliding barn doors is it looks incredibly stylish and adds a distinct character to the room.

9. Install Oversized Art

Everyone wants their bedroom to look artistic and visually pleasing, but how do you achieve it in smaller spaces? The answer is by investing in attention-grabbing oversized art pieces. A large abstract painting, gallery wall, floor-to-ceiling murals, a giant photo collage, a statement piece, and an oversize mirror are some options for your reference.

Make the Most of Your Space with Easy-to-Follow Space Optimization Tips

Big or small, a bedroom is a safe haven for many that double up as a rejuvenation space. But what if you live in a small bedroom and want to get similar space benefits as a large bedroom? Well, it is achievable with the right guidance. We talked to various interior designers to curate the nine most effective storage optimization tips for small bedrooms. You can implement any one or more of the tips discussed above and witness stunning results.

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