How To Choose Eco-friendly Toddler Pillows?

Eco-friendly Toddler Pillows

Your toddler needs enough sleep for mental and physical health. There are several safe sleeping habits and precautions to be practiced and followed to ensure the comfort and safety of your child.

Right when your toddler outgrows their crib, you will have to look for a bed, find an appropriate mattress, and most importantly, a pillow. A perfect pillow decreases the risk of suffocation and is a good choice for developing spines and necks.

Good sleep, at any age, is crucial for well-being and overall health. Right after the birth of your child, you will have to make numerous decisions, surrounding their diet, toys, clothes, cradle, etc. And when every little detail matters, why compromise with their sleep essentials?

You realize that your toddler spends most of the time sleeping. A cotton pillow for toddlers is highly recommended because your little one needs a breathable, clean, hygienic, and eco-friendly material. Babies do not need pillows, but once they start growing and their shoulder broadens on their neck, you can notice an increase in the hollow area, which requires a top-quality pillow.

Our little ones are special and giving them the best of both worlds is of utmost necessity.

When to Introduce Pillow for Your Toddler?

According to experts, the right time to give a pillow to your toddler is around the age of 18-24 months. As a parent, you should look for pillows that are only two to three inches thick, which will help eliminate neck strain. Since every child behaves and develops differently, you need to look for clues as to when they’d require one.

Keep in mind that a healthy sleeping position is one of the most critical things for your toddler, and they would achieve that with the right quality pillow.

Why Should You Buy a Pillow for Your Toddler?

During the first few months, fighting the flat head syndrome is essential. Your toddler sleeps for long hours, and while you worry about their sleeping position, you also need to consider the flat head syndrome that could happen when your kid lies flat on their back for long hours. And that’s why the right kind of pillow, providing appropriate dimension and shape, is highly important.

Why is Cotton Pillow Right for Your Toddler?

Lying on a mattress for a few hours straight can certainly stiffen your neck once you get up. Now can you wonder how your baby would feel? Your child needs extra care, and that’s why cotton pillows for toddlers, are recommended by new parents.

1. Provides Optimum Comfort

A significant characteristic of a cotton pillow for toddlers is that it gives an incredible comfort that standard pillows might fail to offer. Your little one can sleep undisturbed because these pillows have natural contours. It minimizes tossing and turning, ensuring sound sleep. These pillows also provide support on the shoulder and head for proper alignment.

2. Hypoallergenic in Nature

Those little ones allergic to dust, mold, or toxic chemicals will find cotton pillows to be an ideal sleeping surface. These eco-friendly toddler pillows are naturally resistant to bacteria, mildew, and dust mite. They also wick away allergens and moisture. Opting for a cotton pillow for toddlers will help protect them against allergens.

3. Free from Toxins

Sleeping on non-organic pillows or your child’s delicate skin coming in close contact with toxic chemicals may lead to serious health issues, and that’s why it is always necessary to wisely choose the material, quality, and brand of the pillow.

You must purchase an organic pillow to maintain a toxin-free environment around your child. The cotton pillow for toddlers is made from natural materials, which are harvested and processed without the use of chemicals. This ensures that it does not contain carcinogenic fire retardants.

4. How Can Eco-Friendly Pillows Help Your Toddler?

Every little one needs good sleep to grow up happy and healthy. When your child is ready to sleep on the bed rather than their crib, it is time for you to consider the above-mentioned points and bring home a cotton pillow for toddlers to help them stay enthusiastic, healthy, chirpy, and allergy-free.

The BioSleep Concept’s Greenguard Gold certified eco-friendly cotton pillows for toddlers are breathable, providing fresh air and oxygen for the brain and entire body. These pillows are certified for low chemical emissions. Apart from that, the smooth and soft cotton pillow offers the ultimate luxurious sleep. And you no longer have to worry about its maintenance since these come with hand washable organic cotton zipper cover, easing your task.

The Final Takeaway

Have you been looking around for the best-quality pillow for your kid? The organic cotton pillows for toddlers and other sleeping essentials are chemical-free, hypoallergenic, temperature regulator, comfortable, and eco-friendly. Sure, they are worth the investment in creating a healthy environment for your little one.

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