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Cotton Pillow - Toddler

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About This Product:

Lush hand crafted pillows made exclusively with certified organic cotton. Our smooth, soft, and supple organic cotton pillows provide luxurious sleep comfort. Manufactured in Oregon our pillows bear the organic cotton logo and come in various sizes. 

Toddler Pillow

A comfortable and organic pillow sized perfectly for proper sleep posture and comfort for toddlers. This pillow comes with a hand washable organic cotton zipper cover. Hypoallergenic and made in the USA. Please note the removable cotton cover is designed to be spot washed by hand, machine washing is not recommended. If you choose to machine wash the cover use cold water and no heat when drying. 

SizeDimensions (L x W)Soft Fill (lbs)Medium Fill (lbs)Firm Fill (lbs)
Toddler 20" x 14" N/A 0.8 N/A
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