Fabulous February Deals: Save Big Throughout The Month

friday mattress deals 2023

Here comes the shortest month of the year – February. But, short can be filled with some sweet surprises and amazing excitement that outweighs almost all the other months.

Shedding the winter blues, the warmth in the air arrives with a glimmer of hope. Suddenly, your days are filled with joyous delights and you feel some magic in your heart. And, you know for sure, the month of love and new beginnings have arrived.

BioSleep Concept brings you all the more exciting deals throughout this fabulous month to celebrate the magical awesomeness along with the caring warmth of love.

Celebrating All Woman Friendship Day This Galentine’s Day

When the ladies celebrate their all-gal’s-day-out this Galentine’s day on February 13th, BioSleep Concept raises a toast to mark it with a truly bountiful discount of up to 30% off on certified mattresses and other bedding products.

So all the lovely ladies out there, buck up and celebrate hard because you got our back!

Grab Great Discounts This Valentine’s Day

We know when you fall in love, your anticipation is high and your dreams are limitless. Your heart tingles with a sensation you never knew before, and you want it to stay forever. Because love makes life worth living. It gives you the fuel to soar high and fly in pursuit of your dreams!

BioSleep Concept recognizes true love and wishes you and your Valentine a truly happy ever after.

Here’s offering this Valentine’s day a special discount on all our natural, sustainable, and organic certified mattresses, futons, and beddings.

They say, ‘when you care truly, it shows!’

We care for nature, the planet Earth and her people. And, we shower our love with our specially crafted organic products for your sleep well-being.

To top it with an icing you will love, we are offering a range of special discounts to let you celebrate the love season with much joy and excitement.

Our high-quality certified futons, mattresses, and bedding accessories are crafted with all-natural renewable materials that are organic and sustainably harvested. They are healthy for your body, mind, and sleep well-being. Our green and organic bedding products and accessories are 100% chemical-free.

As a way to appreciate the true sentiment of the season of love, BioSleep Concept offers a fabulous discount of up to 30% off storewide on all its high-quality best selling products.

It’s your turn to show your Valentine that you care! Go for a shopping spree this Valentine’s day.

Honor Your Presidents’ Day With a Pledge to Go Green

The celebrations don’t stop there. When America celebrates Presidents’ day on February 20th, 2023, our Presidents’ day sale deals will again ramp up your mission to go shopping.

Remember, BioSleep Concept is offering a generous discount of up to 30% throughout its storewide all-green bestselling bedding products this Presidents’ day.

Good Things Can Come in Big Packages Too

Take a look at what you get when you shop for BioSleep Concept’s certified, organic, and all-natural bedding products.

1. World Renowned Certifications

Our futons, mattress, and bedding items undergo stringent tests conducted by some of the global standard certification bodies. What this means is that our products are 100% chemical-free and truly natural and organic. Peep through our product’s range of certifications below.

  • Greenguard Gold Certification
  • LGA Certification
  • New Zealand Asthma Foundation Certification
  • OEKO-TEX® Certification
  • CertiPUR-US® Certification
  • Nature’s International Certification Services

2. Truly Green

BioSleep Concept’s bedding products are environmentally friendly, and they are good for the planet because the materials used in our products are organically harvested, sustainable, and biodegradable.

Here’s further why they are truly green and 100% natural –

  • No harmful chemicals involved – gives you a safe and secure sleeping surface
  • Hypoallergenic – prevents skin rashes and other allergic reactions
  • Naturally resistant to dust mites and molds
  • Natural Air Circulation Helps in Temperature Regulation

3. Easy Finance

With our trusted finance partner Klarna, getting a BioSleep Concept high-quality bedding product is easier than ever. While you checkout, just select the “Klarna” option and answer a few questions.

Within a few seconds, you will get to know the payment plan you are approved for. After completing the entire process, you will receive an email from Klarna regarding your upcoming payment schedule. So go ahead and enjoy a worry-free shopping spree!

What’s on Offer at BioSleep Concept’s Fabulous Deals Throughout This Month?

  • Futons and Futon Mattress

Our ergonomically designed Futon mattresses are flexible to use, providing excellent body support. Our futons are available in various cushioning substances such as wool, cotton, and foam, in different sizes and dimensions.

Our all natural cotton Shikifutons are known for their cozy comfort and extreme portability. Our futons frames are available in fine oak hardwood and they are crafted in various styles such as shaker and mission styles. The price range for our Futon frame starts from $1,561.00

Made out of entirely organic and nature-friendly materials, our mattress futon collections such as Wool Spring Mattress Futon and Sully Luxury Cotton Mattress Futon start from around $325.

You get flat 15% off on the prices when you shop during the Fabulous February Deal days.

  • Organic and Certified Mattresses

BioSleep Mattresses are completely eco-friendly and ergonomic. They adapt to body shape and contour while sleeping, making your sleep a lovely dream sleep!

Starting from around $450.00, our mattress catalog has high-quality products such as Ramses 3 Mattress, Stratus Innerspring Mattress, and Merlin Mattress to name a few. They are fire retardant free and are available in two sizes, viz., full and queen.

  • Topper and Pad

Our toppers and pad aid the mattresses and serve to be the perfect bedding accessories.

We have wide varieties of mattress topper and pads which are made up of Organic Wool, latex, feathers, and coconut coir.

BioSleep Concept’s coconut coir pads are made from all-natural coconut coir, and they are easy to maintain and easy on the body too. The natural air circulation in a coconut coir pad provides a cool, natural, and safe sleeping surface.

The price of a coconut coir pad starts from around $211.00. Avail of the fabulous discount to bring it down further.

  • Other Bedding Accessories

We are offering a discount of up to 30% on our bedding accessories which includes accessories such as pillows, duvets, bed frames, bases, cases, covers, protectors, etc.

You can get a Futon Stop Slip that keeps your mattresses in place for as low as $18.67 instead of the regular price of $21.96. It’s a real grab. Feel free to browse through our website and choose.

Further, you get free shipping on orders above $100. Now, isn’t it fabulous?


A Loving Memory To Last Long

Fabulous February has just started. Make them fabulously yours with BioSleep Concept’s truly fabulous deals on their certified futons, mattresses, and bedding products throughout the month. Remember, we ship free for all purchases above $100. So, make each of your purchases count. Go green and pledge for a fabulous sleeping experience.

Never miss the opportunity to express your love for what you care about, be it your lady pals, valentine, or your love for mother nature. It only takes simple acts of love that go a long way to live a beautiful life on planet Earth.

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