What are the Benefits of Choosing a Reusable and Washable Mask?

reusable mask

As the COVID-19 looms a dark shadow all over the world, wearing a mask has become the new normal. They are now a mandate across all public transport, shopping malls, banks, post offices, and almost everywhere you go.

In some places, like the UK for instance, people are also being fined for not wearing masks, except for children under the age of eleven, or if they have a medical condition that prohibits them to wear one.

Nevertheless, for the rest of the world, wearing masks has only gained pace over the last seven months. So, now it’s some sort of an extra hassle and is also contributing to the waste buildup for planet earth. Nevertheless, one can’t do much without a mask in these trying times.

Luckily, we have the reusable washable mask which is a great way to cut down the ecological impact, apart from the extra burden on already down finances when you have to buy a new mask almost every weekend. Although the quantity of masks that one requires depends entirely on their frequency of going out, a reusable washable mask is something that everyone should be using given the obvious reasons.

Read on to find out why.

Can I Not Wear A Surgical Mask Instead?

Well, first of all, surgical masks, as the name suggests, were meant for health professionals – doctors, nurses, and other caregivers who are our frontline warriors against the pandemic.

While we are looking to protect ourselves from coming in close contact with the virus, a cloth mask pretty much does the same job as a surgical mask. Given the extremely limited supply of surgical variants, the general public should resort to using a reusable washable mask even more.

By all means, it makes sense to have the surgical masks reserved for the health care professionals who are out there at work every day trying to save millions of lives at risk.

The Hazards of Disposing Of a Surgical Mask

Surgical masks when used by healthcare professionals in a medical facility are disposed of carefully to avoid contamination. The usual practice is to incinerate them.

The general public is not aware of the safe disposal guidelines and is also not capable of doing so every time. In other words, once used by an individual and discarded, it adds to the risk of contamination.

Also, surgical masks are designed to be used only once. Hence, after three or four times of washing, the protective layer eventually wears out rendering it useless. In comparison, a reusable washable mask does a better job.

A Threat to the Environment

Every year, more than 100 million tons of single-use plastic, stands as a threat to the environment. As people are increasingly using single-use masks all over the world, the rate of disposal is alarmingly high.

The beaches of HongKong are waiting to be cleared of thousands of single-use disposable masks that keep getting washed up to the shore every single day. As such, it poses danger for life under the sea; an integral part of our environment.

A reusable washable mask comes as a fine alternative to put an end to this dramatically disturbing rate of single-use plastic masks in circulation.

Easy On Your Finances

Undeniably, the pandemic has brought the world economy to its knees. With added costs in the shape of masks and sanitizers making a foray into our lives, managing daily finances is now a serious affair, more than ever.

A reusable washable mask lasts for up to forty to fifty washes. In other words, it can help you save money which you might be spending on buying single-use masks, almost every other day. Moreover, the use of reusable masks also contributes to keeping the stock of surgical masks in good shape.

Steer Clear Of Contamination and Hassle-Free Disposal

While single-use non-washable masks are increasingly being dropped on the floor, streets, beaches, and just about anywhere, it runs a high risk of contamination for all passers-by.

In comparison, a reusable washable mask comes with a carrying pouch or can be tucked inside a tissue when you take it off. Soon after you reach home and wash them, all you have to do is to let it dry, and you are good to wear it again.

There is no second thought about wearing masks in the public to brave the pandemic. However, not resorting to using a reusable washable mask does stand as a serious threat to people’s lives and the environment at large.

Thus, it is highly recommended that unless you are a caregiver or a medical professional; do limit the use of surgical or single-use plastic masks. This will not only ensure the supply of masks for hospitals and clinics to stay intact but also save our environment from reeling under the burden of contaminated plastic waste.

Not to forget that wearing a reusable washable mask also saves a lot of money. Given the current scenario, where a large number of people globally are unemployed, having to spend extra on safety gear can be a tad tricky. Hence, use a reusable washable mask to keep safe, and together we will see the end of this pandemic real soon.

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