Factors To Consider Before Buying A Down Mattress Topper

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People looking for peaceful and comfortable sleep are always on an outlook to get the best down comforter or down mattress topper. Looked upon as a luxury bedding element, a down topper is often purchased for its insulation properties. Buying it can cost you a lot of money; hence, it is advised that you give enough time to find the one that is worth every penny. We have prepared a comprehensive buying guide for a down mattress topper that contains a list of all the factors that one should consider while purchasing a mattress topper.

Essential Factors to Address While Buying a Down Mattress Topper

Before you jump straight to the factors, you must know what a down mattress topper exactly is. It is a comforter that is made with a cluster of feathers of a goose or a duck. A topper is an excellent insulator and is airy, light, and comfortable. This quill-less and the breathable comforter is considered to be a good insulator because the heat gets trapped between its airy pockets. They are versatile and made following different ways and materials. If you are planning to get a good-quality topper, then do consider the essential buying factors shared-below.


Irrespective of the product, the material it is made of is important in making the final purchase decision. It is the material that decides whether one should invest in that particular product or not. When it comes to the down mattress topper, the materials are generally limited to a list of three raw materials. Each topper is made using, either, goose down, duck down, or grey vs. white down.

Toppers made with goose down feathers are considered to be prime level comforters. When compared to ducks, geese are larger in size; hence, the soft feathers can be collected in larger clusters. A goose down topper is naturally hypoallergenic and gives more warmth. It is the prime reason why people living in colder areas prefer this topper over others. If you are looking for a topper that is both affordable and standard, then duck down topper is for you. Though not as premium as the former one, duck down topper perfectly serves its purpose. Plus, it is also liked by people that prefer less filled toppers. A topper made with grey vs. white down feathers is ideal for people that want soft yet firm comforters. White feathers are used for softness, while the grey ones maintain the shape.

Stitching Pattern

Not many customers pay attention to the stitching pattern, but they should if they want to make the best investment. Baffle box, ring stitch, and European bag are the widely used stitching patterns that most down mattress topper manufacturers use. Each stitching type keeps feathers in place. A baffle box has a perpendicular interior where you can find boxes fixing the features from top to bottom. In-ring stitch, you will find small ring strings throughout the comforter, whereas in the European bag stitching, you won’t find any internal stitches. The construction concerning the stitching pattern is important because it affects your comfort level.

Fill Power

As mentioned earlier, a down topper is mainly purchased for its insulation properties. If you want to ascertain the level of insulation of a down mattress topper, then you should check its fill power. You may find three categories of fill power while searching for a mattress topper. A fill power of around 500 to 600 is the most common one, but it is not ideal for people living in colder climatic regions because of lesser insulation power. Another category is for a comforter having a fill power of 600-700+. People living in areas that experience both cold and warm months should consider this fill power because of its moderate warmth power. The highest fill power is 700+, that generates a lot of heat. It is not only the one that generates higher warmth, but it is also the fluffiest.

Size & Weight

The size and weight of a comforter are more of a personal choice, rather than a general one. However, we would like to highlight a general rule concerning size and weight that can help you make the right choice. When buying a down mattress topper, you should always consider your bed’s size and the comforter’s weight. The best tip would be to buy a topper that is lightweight and is five inches more than the size of your bed. For the weight, you can refer to the earlier point that talks about “fill power” in detail. You can decide the ideal fill power of your topper, depending on the weight you want. Heavier the topper, the warmer it will be. So choose accordingly before taking any final decision.

Thread Count

Usually, people cover their mattress topper with a duvet or shell, so they are least bothered about the thread count. But if you think like a wise purchaser, then you should consider it before investing in any mattress topper. A thread count is nothing but the density of threads per square inch. Higher thread count signifies smoother surface and enhanced breathability. Covering it with a duvet or shell will make it bouncier and comfortable. A topper with lesser thread count is crunchy in texture. If you want your topper to last long, then choose a topper having a higher thread count.

Why Buy from Bio Sleep Concept?

Bio Sleep Concept handcrafts Downia Feather and Down Mattress Topper with the white goose down feathers for optimal comfort and softness. The filler also makes the topper long-lasting and is hypoallergenic. So, if you are asthmatic and suffer from allergic reactions trigged by the toxic chemicals in your mattress, then this down mattress topper is for you.

The topper comes encased with a cotton cover with a high thread count to stop dust mites from settling inside. Dust mites have been long proved to be the leading cause of trigger asthma attacks. So, if you are looking for an organic, all-natural down mattress topper, this is the one.

In Conclusion

The factors shared above may appear cliché, but they can help you get the best down mattress topper at the best price. In addition to the factors shared above, you can also add “comfort” to the list. Combine all the factors and take your buying decision accordingly. You won’t regret your purchase decision in this case. If you have a limited budget, then you should filter your search, depending on the cost. It will save your money and time, alongside helping you to invest in the right topper.

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