Does Climate Change Impact Your Sleep?

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While it’s hard to ignore the visible effects of rising temperatures and extreme weather events, it’s fascinating to know the interconnection between climate change and our sleep. Tweaking our conscience and sleep habits by being well-informed and embracing nature-conducive habits and lifestyles like eco-friendly mattresses and bedding items can do a lot of good for our sleep and the planet. Let’s explore this in detail.

What Does Soaring Temperature Have to Do With Your Sleep?

Every time the temperature soars high, the sun shines bright during the day, and the summer nights get warmer, people start to feel a subtle unease in bed trying to sleep. They toss, turn, and wake up frequently bathed in sweat.

If this seems familiar to you and if you have experienced it a little too often of late, you are not alone. The entire planet is reeling in this discomfort. What is more evident is that this soaring temperature is being traced to a common bane that we all are familiar with. It’s called ‘climate change’.

For the ones who discard it as a phony affair, let’s face it. Climate change is for real, and it’s here to havoc our lifestyles, including our precious sleep!

Yes, one of the lesser known, and hence not often discussed, impacts of climate change is on our “sleep” and thus, on our health.

How Does Climate Change Affect Sleep Patterns?

As the planet warms, we have been experiencing extreme weather events like drought, heat waves, and flash floods, making the atmosphere a notch warmer than normal. This leads to a rise in our body temperature during the night. And this gradual rise in body heat makes it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Experts suggest that eco-friendly mattresses could be an answer to the sleep crisis due to the turbulent weather upheavals. We will see that in detail later. First, let’s see how much of an impact climate change has had on our sleeping habits.

An evidence-based study conducted by One Earth reveals in their journal that people are already losing an average of 44 hours of sleep every year due to climate change. What is more worrisome is that this could very well reach around 50 to 58 hours of sleep loss for each person each year by the end of the century.

This same study has pointed out further that climate change is triggering a slow but eventual challenge to human mental health and cognitive functioning.

But, fear now, because it’s time to shun the eco-anxiety and be eco-conscious instead! Let us see how?

 1. Embrace Cool-Comfort

Our sleep patterns in general have silently been the worst hit by global warming. When it’s difficult to fall and stay asleep, our body gets restless, fatigued, and dazed throughout the day, hampering our health, productivity, and lifestyle.

An eco-friendly mattress crafted from breathable and temperature-regulating materials, such as organic cotton, natural latex, and plant-based memory foam can provide just the perfect retreat for the night.

When you embrace nature-friendly materials to sleep on, it ensures a restful and conducive sleeping atmosphere around, ensuring you a cool and restful sleep at night and helping you wake up revitalized.

 2. Cocoon Like A Child

As an entire generation, we are already fed up with the anxiety and stress of the current hectic lifestyle – let alone the ones added upon by the weather disruptions. With the current trend, the number of people suffering chronic sleep loss and sleep deprivation disorders like insomnia is estimated to only rise further.

Make a trusty ally of a nature-conscious lifestyle by embracing the goodness of eco-friendly mattresses and bedding surfaces to help you create a serene sanctuary for a restful sleep, even when roller coaster weather is brewing outside.

Since these organic mattresses support the body contour with nature-hugging coziness, they are brilliant at isolating the body motions and minimizing the shock, offering a tranquil haven for uninterrupted sleep.

 3. Breathe Easy

With the climate heating up, there is turbulence in the atmosphere resulting in an erratic shift in the air distribution. It causes a disturbance in the natural flow and blooming patterns of plants and trees, resulting in an uneven and sporadic distribution of pollen and allergens in the air.

It can lead people with allergen sensitivity to experience trouble breathing during the night while sleeping. Here comes the role of sleeping on eco-friendly mattresses and bedding surfaces.

Since these are made from organic, natural, and hypoallergenic materials, they minimize the presence of dust particles and allergens on the sleeping surface, helping you breathe natural air during the sleep.

 4. Sustain the Planet and Your Sleep

When you choose a nature-friendly organic mattress, you not only choose a good night’s sleep but also consciously choose to contribute and align your commitment towards a greener and cooler planet.

As against traditional industrial mattresses produced using synthetic material and harmful chemicals, and undergoing unhealthy manufacturing processes leaving indelible carbon footprints, an organic bedding item is entirely nature friendly. It is made from biodegradable and sustainable materials and undergoes eco-conscious processes for procurement and manufacturing.

So, the next time you buy an eco-friendly mattress, you are not only getting a sleeping aid for a night of healthy sleep but also contributing towards a better, calmer, and greener planet in the long run.

Wrap Up

Climate change can intricately affect rising temperatures, leading to extreme weather conditions and causing disruptions in allergen landscapes. All these have a residual effect on our sleep.

Imbibing a nature-conscious lifestyle and sleep habits by sleeping on eco-friendly mattresses and bedding products made from organically obtained materials can ensure a blissful slumber at night, even amidst climate turbulence.

What’s more humane, sensible, and right is to conscientiously commit to a greener and more sustainable lifestyle by choosing organic products. It rejuvenates your sleep, health, and of course, our only precious planet.

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