How Does an Organic Toddler Pillow Keep Your Children Safe and Healthy?

Organic Toddler Pillow


Indeed, it still seems like yesterday when you brought your little bundle of joy home. And you didn’t do to give your precious the best environment to grow — from preparing the room to making the bed just right, your child deserves nothing but the best! But are you sure that you chose the appropriate bedding materials?

Well, for proper growth, your child needs an organic mattress and toddler pillow.

What’s Wrong with the Regular Beddings?

Although the experts suggest that everyone should use only organic bedding materials, the babies need it the most. Indeed, the first years with your baby-turned-toddler fly by in the wink of an eye, and he or she grows into a kid before you even know it.

The initial years of your baby are the most important ones. His or her food habits, sleeping surface, and positions matter the most in future development. Here’s a simple example: if you sleep in the wrong posture one night, you might wake up with terrible neck pain.

Little children spend a lot of time in bed. The bed is their playhouse-cum-resting place for a few years. Considering the amount of time they spend in bed, you must be cautious at choosing the materials. Exposing them to synthetic beddings or wrong size pillows can impact the formation of their body severely.

So don’t take chances! Here are the reasons that validate the use of organic beddings:

1.They Provide Optimal Support

During those first few years, the neck and upper back region require optimal support to maintain the correct body posture. The structure of the human spine is naturally curved. For the backbone to grow in the proper alignment, the head and neck must receive the support they need.

Spinal deformities lead to serious medical conditions, including chronic back pain. To rule out any such unpleasant possibilities, bring home the toddler pillows and that too organic.

2. They Offer Superior Comfort

Your baby’s body structure is way more delicate; therefore, the standard beddings cannot offer sufficient comfort. On the other hand, the organic pillows and mattress for toddlers mold into the contours of your child’s body naturally. These pillow and bedding sets:

  • isolate the motion
  • minimize disturbances
  • guarantees uninterrupted sound sleep

Frequent tossing and turning is a part of the sleeping regime. But with the toddler beddings and pillow, nothing can get in the way of your darling and his/her sweet dreams.

3. They Are Free of Harmful Chemicals

You are not keen on laying your child on the pesticide-laden beds, are you? Well, most of the cheap-quality bedding materials, like sheets, mattresses, and pillows are treated with harsh, toxic compounds to make them fire-resistant.

These chemicals release a strange odor into the air, making even the surroundings unhealthy. Ideally, polyester should never be in your bed. But if your child’s bed is made of polyethylene foam, they contain cancer-causing elements and emit VOCs. Synthetic latex foam can irritate the eyes, nose, throat, skin, trigger headaches, and lead to serious medical conditions.

The flame retardant materials, if inhaled regularly, can appear in the bloodstream, causing:

  • endocrine disruption
  • ADD
  • lower IQ
  • fertility issues
  • thyroid problems
  • hormonal disruptions
  • behavioral abnormalities
  • cancer

You must raise your child in a toxin-free environment from the very first day. The organic bedding materials and pillows, like organic cotton or wool, are free of such hazardous chemicals, assuring healthy bedtimes.

4. They Shield You from Allergies

Toddlers are often diagnosed with eczema and other types of skin rashes when they sleep and play in the inorganic beddings. But it is not only the toxic materials that cause such conditions but also the bed’s inability to prevent the allergens from infesting. Foreign bodies, like pollens, animal danders, dust mites, mold, mildew, etc., are the main culprits of respiratory troubles, among others.

The organic toddler pillows are hypoallergenic by nature and resist all the noxious bacterias or fungus from growing. These organic fibers wick away the extra moisture instantly, leaving no room for the dreadful antigens.

5. They Regulate Body Temperature

Organic beddings or pillows, if they are made of wool, can regulate body temperature. Naturally, grown wool is hydrophilic and can absorb the moisture of 30% of its weight without dampening it. The wool fibers soak up the sweat or extra moisture from the skin and transfer it to the fabric’s surface, releasing it into the atmosphere.

This way, it keeps your baby’s body warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. They are breathable too and help your child attain a sound sleep throughout the night.

Please remember, you must be a little careful while buying the organic toddler pillows and beddings for many dealers would end up selling you synthetic pillows with only an organic cotton cover. Also, look for the certifications while making a purchase. Your child’s future largely rests on your hands, so make a wise choice.

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