Why Wool Pillow for Toddlers Is Best for Your Child’s Bedding?

Wool Pillow for Toddlers

Toddlers are different species in themselves. One moment they are fine and the other moment they are throwing tantrums like no one else. Hence, when it comes to buying pillows for them, one needs to put in a little bit more attention than usual. The first concern is the very fabric of the object, as toddlers have sensitive skin and might react adversely to synthetic materials and chemicals used in the manufacturing process of the bedding.

Also, toddlers often fall sick if exposed to multiple allergens, day in, day out, given that their immunity is still building. Eco-friendly and organic materials work best for infants and toddlers ensuring their comfort and also protects them against multiple health issues.

Additionally, one should ensure the fabric is made from natural and organic substances. One such material that goes into making excellent quality toddler pillow is wool– a popular choice of material for mattresses, protectors, toppers, pillows, and other bedding types for over the years. Organic and eco-friendly wool helps offer ready comfort to your child and also keeps commonly occurring issues like rashes and allergies at bay. Given the fact that the majority of toddlers have sensitive skin, wool pillows seem to be the perfect choice for them to sleep on. Here are six reasons to choose a wool pillow for toddlers.

Blissful Sleeping

Studies have shown how using wool induces comfortable sleep. Plus, woolen bedding helps in promoting sound sleep, lowers heart rate, and extends the duration of REM sleep, which is absolutely necessary for toddlers. A natural temperature regulator, woolen pillows can be used across all seasons. For toddlers, it helps them to maintain constant body temperature during the night, thus putting an end to issues like overheating or sudden chill that can wake them up at night and disturb their REM sleep. During the winters, Wool Pillow for Toddlers keeps it pleasantly warm, while during summertime and spring, it functions to keep it cool by wicking away the moisture from a toddler’s skin. Some people resort to woolen bedding for toddlers who experience episodes of hot flashes or night sweat.

Soft and Firm at the Same Time

Wool Pillow for Toddlers offers excellent support for the head when sleeping. It works towards adjusting to the weight of the head right off the shoulders, thus preventing common neck strains that toddlers get while sleeping. It is the durability and natural softness that strikes the right balance to offer optimum support, thus inducing comfortable sleeping environs.

Wool is Hypoallergenic

Wool is a naturally hypoallergenic material and hence helps us from catching common allergies or skin rashes. , Wool can absorb and subsequently release moisture real fast, making it naturally resistant to mildew and mold. Therefore, compared to cotton, there is no dampness, which serves as a breeding ground for mildew and mold. Besides pillows, one can also resort to using organic wool mattresses to keep the bedroom free from allergens causing trouble to a toddler’s health.

Zero Shift and bleach-free

Wool fibers are known to grab onto each other naturally. They remain coiled and thus form a stable matrix, which is precisely why they fill all spots when used inside a toddler pillow. Many toddlers are incredibly allergic to slightest chemical usage, and hence choosing wool for bedding and pillows is the right choice.

Resistant to Fire

One of the main components of wool is lanolin that makes the material naturally fire resistant and combustion proof. Hence, wool bedding is extremely safe for toddlers as toxic and harmful fire retardants are not used in the manufacturing process to keep up with fire safety regulations. Wool Pillow for Toddlers and beddings pass through extreme flame retardant tests and doesn’t require the intrusion of any external artificial chemicals.

Highly Sustainable

A natural biodegradable material, wool is considered to be one of the most sustainable materials of all time. However, it is necessary to check whether the wool has been obtained through sustainable methods and the product has been made using eco-friendly processes. Go for an eco-friendly Wool Pillow for Toddlers as they are derived from local flocks of sheep raised following a specific set of conditions ushering quality production.

Wrap up

A child’s health and sleep is a priority for all parents and the strive to do their best to keep them healthy and safe. A toddler as said before, is very sensitive to even the slightest use if chemicals or synthetic products, which is why more and more parents are switching to organic products to keep them from falling ill. Wool pillows from toddlers is one of the best organic bedding products that can be used to strengthen their immunity. It is completely natural and will help your child sleep better and wake up healthy.

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