• toxic free mattress

    Is Your Mattress Releasing Toxic VOCs While You Sleep?

    For most people, their bed is a safe haven for them, a comfort zone that they long to relax in after a long long. However, research has suggested that the heat emitted from our body can trigger the release of toxic chemicals from our mattresses. These toxic chemicals are known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) […]

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  • eco friendly bedding bio sleep concept

    7 Tips to Create an Eco-Friendly Bedroom

    Eco-friendly bedrooms? Well, that’s something we don’t hear about every day! Studies show that the concept of eco-friendly bedrooms is gaining huge popularity in recent years. Eco-friendly mattresses are especially popular right now. An eco-friendly bedroom is not only good news for the environment, but it contributes towards your health and well-being too. Here are […]

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  • How an Organic Mattress Can Help You Achieve Restful Sleep

    What is a Natural Futon Mattress and Why Should I Buy One?

    If you are willing to purchase a mattress that is compact, cost-effective, organic, and feasible, then natural futon mattress is the correct solution. A futon is a simple mattress that can also be used in the form of a sofa as well as a bed. Whenever you need an extra bed, you can spread out […]

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