• non toxic wool mattress topper

    Non-Toxic Wool Mattress Toppers: How can this Organic Mattress Topper Improve Your Health?

    The core principle of Bio Sleep Concept is to provide comfort and healthy bedding items to its customers through environmentally conscientious and sustainable business practices. Organic wool is one of the many raw materials that we use to manufacture our bedding items. The process of obtaining organic wool starts from the way the sheep are […]

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  • toxic free mattress

    Is Your Mattress Releasing Toxic VOCs While You Sleep?

    For most people, their bed is a safe haven for them, a comfort zone that they long to relax in after a long long. However, research has suggested that the heat emitted from our body can trigger the release of toxic chemicals from our mattresses. These toxic chemicals are known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) […]

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  • bio sleep organic mattress

    Why Should You Choose an Organic, Chemical-free Mattress?

    Human beings spend more or less one third of their life sleeping. This means that the average adult sleeps for about eight hours a day. The duration of sleep required is even higher for children. Hence, considering the importance of sleep and the amount of time we spend on this activity, it’s worth it to […]

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  • Non-Toxic Mattress

    Earth Day 2019: How can a Non-Toxic Mattress Conserve Our Environment?

    Mother nature has bestowed upon us millions of gifts that we use every day to survive on this planet. However, far from being grateful, we human beings have upset the delicate balance of nature significantly, as a result of which we are facing rapid extinction of many species in the world. This is the result […]

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  • Non-Toxic Mattress Important for a Healthy Sleep Environment

    Why is Non-Toxic Mattress Important for a Healthy Sleep Environment?

    Have you ever struggled to keep your bedding as clean as possible yet you were still unsuccessful in getting a good night’s sleep? While you can change your bedsheets and pillowcases twice a week, it won’t make a difference if your mattress contains toxic materials. This is because a toxic mattress can hamper your sleep […]

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  • How Does Sleep Deprivation Affect Your Life?

    How Does Sleep Deprivation Affect Your Life?

    Sleep deprivation is a major problem affecting individuals and societies in the modern world. With the advancements in technology and improvements in communication, everyone is constantly connected to the rest of the world. The temptation to check your email or watch another video on YouTube before going to bed can often be hard to ignore. […]

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