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Join Contest. Help save our Planet.

The popularity of organic bedding is on the rise for the past few decades. Your choice of bedding will impact our environment by increasing the carbon footprint that we leave on the planet. Organic bedding is made from materials using environmentally-friendly methods and does not contain pesticides, flame retardants, and other harmful synthetic chemicals.

The Bio Sleep Giveaway Contest gives you a chance to protect our planet, which nurtures us and sustains all life. This giveaway contest promotes the usage of organically manufactured bedding items and will present the winners with attractive prizes.

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How to Enter Contest?

Follow the steps below to participate in our Bio Sleep Concept #SleepOrganic giveaway contest to win exciting prizes.

  • Step 1

    Login or Enter into Instagram through the widget from below.

    Note: Your entry will only be considered if you enter Instagram through the widget below.

  • Step 2

    Make a video of under 60 seconds on the topic: 5 Eco-Friendly Activities that Can Help Planet Earth.

  • Option 1

    Visit and follow Bio Sleep Concept Instagram page.

    Note: Your entry will only be considered if you enter Instagram through the widget below.

    Points = 5
  • Option 2

    View and like this Photo in the Bio Sleep Concept Instagram page & tag 5 friends in the comment section of your post.

    Points = 5
  • Option 3

    Select the video and upload it

    Points = 10
  • Option 4

    Refer this contest to your friends through the widget.

    Points = 5


1. Videos will be considered only if uploaded via the widget below.

2. Winners will be chosen through a lucky draw system. The participants having the highest points will have a
proportionally higher chance of winning.

About Bio Sleep Concept

Who We Are and What We Stand For

Our commitment to the environment started with Bio Sleep Concept's inception in 1981. We started with the simple idea of hand crafting futon mattresses of the highest quality, using natural renewable materials. As the company has grown so has the variety of merchandise we sell. We continue to consciously emphasize selling products that are made of natural materials, made with renewable resources, and that are harvested in a sustainable way. When making concessions we always weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the products we are selling. For instance when we began adding foam cores to our futons to increase their comfort and longevity we chose to use only high density foam. We viewed adding foam to our futon mattresses a concession, but high density foam in our experience does not break down over time. In fact we have re-layered futons we made over ten years ago and the foam is still holding up.

Below are some ways we are attempting to be considerate citizens of the earth:

  • We have reduced our waste stream through recycling and composting.
  • Taking full responsibility for the products we manufacture, we can re-layer your old futon extending its lifespan.
  • Bio Sleep Concept makes a conscious effort to sell products made from renewable resources and that are harvested in a sustainable way.
  • The 100% Natural Latex Foam comes direct from one of our factories in Bangkok, Thailand. We can ensure you the best quality from the concentrated latex to the foam product.
  • We offer organic cotton, wool and 100% natural and organic latex products.
  • The majority of futon and mattress frames we sell are made using rubber wood. Rubber wood is plantation grown and only harvested after it has finished being used as a source for Latex.

Bio Sleep Concept Inc. manufactures and distributes all of our bedding products from our factory in Portland Oregon. Please visit A Tour Through Our Factory for more information. Bio Sleep Concept Inc. offers Certified Organic and 100% Natural Latex products only. Bio Sleep Concept Inc. has a strong commitment to our planet, our country, and to bringing the best all natural organic bedding accessories to our customers.

Terms and Conditions:
Videos submitted for this giveaway will be under the copyright of BioSleep Concept. BioSleep Concept will have full right to modify, edit, and use the content for promotional purposes in the future.

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