Bio Sleep Concept Black Friday Sale: Offers that You Must Not Miss

black friday sale

Thanksgiving is knocking at your doors. Just as you’ll finish eating the delicious turkey and watch the last of the football game, it will be time for some sound sleep, so that you can wake up refreshed to grab the most exciting Black Friday deals.

If you are planning on buying a mattress this Black Friday, then you are in luck as many brick-and-motor and online slash down their prices and offer great discounts on bedding products on this day.

It so happens that, sustainable bedding products manufacturer Bio Sleep Concept is also offering heavy discounts on a wide range of eco-friendly bedding items for the occasion of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. To make your job easy here is a detailed guide to Black Friday sale on mattresses, pillows, and sheets at the Bio Sleep Concept.

Save 20% on Any Bio Sleep Concept Product Purchased Online

The sole aim of Bio Sleep Concept is to provide its patrons with healthy and eco-friendly mattress, pillows, sheets, comforters, and other bedding products that not only keep them healthy but also protects the planet as well.

This Black Friday, Bio Sleep Concept is offering a 20% discount on all the products listed on its online store. All you have to do is to select the products and apply coupon code BLACKFRIDAY20 at checkout. However, this not the only offer in the Bio Sleep Concept Black Friday sale kitty.

30% Discount on Selected Bio Sleep Concept Products

Apart from the 20 percent discount offer, you can also save 30% on some of the most popular products on its online store. Here are all the products buying which you save 30 percent.

  1. Versailles Latex Mattress

Originally priced at $1069, the uber beneficial Versailles Latex Mattress will be retailed for $749 for the occasion of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The mattress is made of natural latex, sustainably, collected from the sap of rubber trees. This mattress is an original design of the Bio Sleep Concept and comes with seven zone latex for greater comfort and orthopedic support.

  1. Natural Wood Latex Mattress Foundation

Bio Sleep Concept has extended its Black Friday sale on mattress to eco-friendly bedding foundations as well. Premium-quality latex and foam mattress needs more support than a conventional innerspring mattress. You can now buy the Natural Wood Latex Mattress Foundation at a discounted price of $203 ($283 normal pricing) just for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

  1. 3 inch Wool Mattress Topper

The natural wool topper is the most popular Bio Sleep Concept bedding item. And you can now buy it at a discounted price of just $238 ($339 normal pricing) for this Black Friday. Organic wool serves as a great natural filler and is great at temperature regulation.

  1. Luxury Cotton and Wool Mattress Futon

The handcrafted Luxury Cotton and Wool Mattress Futon is up for Bio Sleep Concept Black Friday sale and can be purchased at $237 instead of $339. This mattress futon made of organic wool and cotton helps you sleep undisturbed all throughout the night.

  1. Amboise Latex Mattress

The Black Friday sale on the mattress is incomplete without the inclusion of the premium quality Amboise Latex Mattress. Originally priced at $1399, you can now buy it at just $979 for superior sleeping comfort.

  1. 2-inch Natural Latex Topper

Save $104 on the 2-inch Natural Latex Topper during the Bio Sleep Concept Black Friday sale. Enhance the comfort of your mattress by topping it with this natural latex topper that will make your bed neither too hard nor too soft.

  1. Chambord Latex Mattress

An original Bio Sleep Concept design, the Chambord Latex Mattress is up from grabs for just $630 after getting a 30% discount on the listed price of $899. This mattress contains 7 zone latex and has been designed for maximum comfort.

  1. Agueda Bedspread and Sham

What’s a comfortable bedroom without shams and bedspreads. Bio Sleep Concept exclusive shams and bedspreads are now available at $70 instead of $99. Bring home some great European elegance and style with these richly textured bedspreads and shams.

  1. Beads Bedspread and Sham

Intricately designed, the Beads Bedspread and Shams are now available at a discounted price of $91 for this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The Beads Bedspread and Sham is an epitome of luxury and comfort.

  1. Wool Millet Pillow

$70 instead of $90. Yes, that’s all you have to shell out to buy the uber beneficial Wool Millet Pillow that has been designed especially for optimum neck support while you sleep at night.

  1. Wool Pillow – Toddler

As we said earlier, wool pillows are very soft and supportive and ideal for a toddler to sleep on. Choose the best for your child and buy the toddler wool pillow from Bio Sleep Concept for just $35 instead of $49. Covered with 100 percent organic cotton sheets, this pillow is dust mite and mildew resistant.

In Conclusion

These are just some of the products that you can buy from the Bio Sleep Concept Black Friday sale. Investing in a high-quality, eco-friendly mattress is very important for your health and also for the planet.

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